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December 11, 2012

Kristen Armata: Admissions Office, Assumption College


Interning in the Assumption College Admissions Office

Interning in the Assumption College Admissions Office


Name: Kristen Armata
Hometown/State: Northborough, MA
Major: Organizational Communication
Internship Site: Admissions Office, Assumption College


My primary responsibilities at my internship are to:

  • Conduct interviews with prospective students
  • Create marketing messages to select high school students who are interested in Assumption
  • Conduct market research on Assumption’s competitors


My internship at the Admissions House has been one of the best internships I have experienced because every day I am challenged with new projects, and these new projects are helping me to develop the skill of “wearing several hats at once” or the skill of multi-tasking.


I have interviewed many potential incoming freshmen.  The students I have interviewed are all great candidates to become future Greyhounds!  Being in the role of the interviewer has helped me gain insight and experience in the interpersonal communication skills which I studied in my Communication Theory course.


I am also involved in a personalized marketing effort and create cards to send out to students who have not yet applied to Assumption.  In my message I make it a point that these students realize the importance of keeping Assumption as an opportunity for them.


It has been a pleasure interning in the Admissions House and it has opened my eyes to a potential career in college admissions.

December 3, 2012

Erin Vana: RDW Group, Inc.
Interning at RDW Group, Inc.
Interning at RDW Group, Inc.


Name: Erin Vana
Hometown, State: Ipswich, MA
Major: Marketing
Minor: Accounting
Internship Sponsor: RDW Group, Inc.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Draft and revise news/event releases for clients
  • Research events pertaining to Higgins Armory Museum, Worcester Art Museum, Fruitland’s Museum, and Reliant Medical Group
  • Attend internal and external client meetings
  • Prepare event blurbs to be published in local newspapers
  • Develop media lists for releases and events
  • Compose copy for billboards and radio spots

Blog Entry:

RDW Group, Inc. is a public relations and advertising agency located in Worcester, Providence, and Boston.  As an intern here, I am fully submerged in the operations of the organization – interacting with clients and applying my written skills on a daily basis.


As an Account Executive Intern, I am practicing the skills and principles I have learned in my marketing major, as well as extending what I have  learned in a classroom.  An example of this is writing and communicating in a creative, concise way that targets specific audiences.


More specifically, I am working with a variety of clients, and as a result, I am experiencing all the factors that play a role in representing a client, from drafting and editing releases on a weekly basis to producing practice copy for advertising spots. With Reliant Medical Group, I participate in ongoing clientele meetings focused on the budget and media plan for the company’s 2013 fiscal year.  I am also applying these same concepts to the marketing plans I am creating in my Marketing Management and Marketing on the Internet classes.


I discovered my passion for advertising and public relations during this internship experience, and I can now say for certain that this is the field I wish to pursue for my career.

Tyler Alston-Swan: Career Services, Assumption College
Interning with Assumption College Career Services
Interning with Assumption College Career Services

Name: Tyler Alston-Swan
Home Town: East Hartford, CT
Major:  Organizational Communication
Minor: Psychology 
Internship Sponsor: Career Services, Assumption College


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Review current marketing/communication/student engagement efforts and benchmark against best practices
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy to effectively engage students.
  • Create materials (including graphics, posters, mailings, messages, etc.) and execute approved plans
  • Research  and implement opportunities to engage with students via social media

Assumption College’s Office of Career Services is dedicated to helping undergraduate students map out their future careers from the day they arrive at Assumption through graduation.


As a marketing and communications intern, I have had a unique and vital role in the Office of Career Services. This significance stems from not only being a student at Assumption, but a senior as well. I have been able to use the tacit knowledge I have acquired during my undergraduate years to evaluate current practices.  I made recommendations and soon the development and implementation of marketing and communication campaigns began. Creativity and the ability “to think on your toes” are significant assets to successfully be able to connect with students; these are some of my strengths.


My Marketing on the Internet course this semester has showed me that if website users cannot easily perform the task(s) that a website is intended for, then the use of that site will be significantly lower. At the start of my internship I had a meeting with my supervisor to discuss the opportunity to increase the accessibility and usability of the current “Hound Explorer” site. My supervisor shared with me that she is in search of a new vendor to provide an interactive tool that links employers with prospective student candidates and she wanted to incorporate my input. This past month I evaluated both the current and proposed vendors’ websites using some of the usability guidelines from the MIT checklist. All the students I have spoken with about the current “Hound Explorer” website are excited about the possibility of an improved site. It is a great feeling to know that the knowledge I have acquired as an Organizational Communication major is useful in the evaluation and decision process of deciding on a new vendor system.