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October 26, 2012

Angelica DiLibero: Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce
Interning at the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

Interning at the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


Name: Angelica DiLibero
Hometown, State: Cranston, RI
Major: Organizational Communication
Minor: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Creating and revising press releases
  • Updating social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Publishing and updating content for the company’s website



The Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce is the largest chamber in New England. With extensive networking activities, the Chamber is the hub of the business community in Worcester and is dedicated to enhancing the city’s economic affluence. During my time as an intern at the Chamber I have experienced first -hand all of the countless hours of brainstorming, organizing, and planning that go into sponsoring an event.


I have had the opportunity to assist the Chamber plan for their biggest event of the year, the Central Mass Business Expo.  While planning for the Expo began last year, I have experienced the marketing of the event, along with confirming all of the details. Over the past two months I have applied techniques that I learned in my classes, specifically my Public Relations class.  For my PR class, I held a mock press conference announcing the launch of a new product.  I am now involved in the announcement of the Central Mass Business Expo. While the Chamber’s Expo is different from my mock press conference, I saw the similarities in launching an event.


I am applying the skills that I have learned and gaining experience in the marketing and communications industries, which I will take with me as I start my career in the professional world.

October 22, 2012

Michael Scola: RDW Group, Inc.
Interning at RDW Group, Inc.

Interning at RDW Group, Inc.

Name: Michael Scola
Hometown: Burlington, MA
Major: Organizational Communications
Internship Sponsor: RDW Group, Inc.


Primary Responsibilities:  As an Account Executive Intern at RDW Group, I utilize my written and oral communication skills while serving clients such as:  Reliant Medical Group, Higgins Armory Museum, and the Worcester Art Museum. My responsibilities include: conducting trend research, developing media lists, drafting media releases and reports, reviewing media plans, composing copy for billboard and 60-second radio ads, attending internal and client meetings, and providing input for creative projects.


Blog Entry:  “Think. Work. Win.” The RDW Group slogan truly represents the approach we take to satisfy and exceed the demands of our clients. As an integrated communications agency, RDW Group specializes in advertising, marketing, and public relations.


Overall, I have been extremely pleased with the amount of responsibility RDW has given me. Throughout the day I work on multiple projects for multiple clients, which has provided me with experience in account management and enabled me to utilize my creative nature in a professional capacity.


Among the various projects I am assigned, a frequent example is composing media releases for Reliant Medical Group when a new doctor is hired. This has required me to apply concepts I have learned in Business & Technical Writing, Advertising, and Public Relations courses. Furthermore, the process of drafting the release and meeting with my supervisor until it is finalized has honed my sense of client awareness and their expectations.


This internship has given me the tacit knowledge and professional experience that motivates me to pursue a career in advertising.

October 4, 2012

Mark Forster: Worcester Business Journal
Interning at the Worcester Business Journal

Interning at the Worcester Business Journal


Name: Mark Forster
Hometown: Marlborough, MA
Major: Marketing
Internship sponsor: Worcester Business Journal


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assist with various marketing needs for events, such as promotional ads, social media, and press releases
  • Prepare post- event follow ups with sponsors and attendees
  • Manage the website by updating events page and calendar dates
  • Conduct market research to assist the sales representatives

Blog Entry:


The Worcester Business Journal is the region’s largest distributor of business news.  I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to intern with such an established company.   Working in the Events and Marketing Department under the Event Manager has given me the opportunity to utilize and enhance my marketing and communication skill sets.


As an intern, I jumped right into event planning.  I was immediately asked to start communicating with sponsors and create spreadsheets to register their friends and family who would like to attend.   Yes, it was tedious work, but it made me to realize that in order for an event or for the business to be successful, organizational tasks must be performed.  Recently, I have been working on promotional ads, social media tag lines and press releases.  My Advertising course has prepared me to tie in promotional concepts to make appealing flyers that will capture the target market’s attention.  Before this experience I had never written a press release, which made the first one a challenge for me.  My manager is very helpful in guiding me to write effectively for promotions.


The most positive attribute in the office is the environment and structure. There are separate departments but they work together as a team in a cross-functional structure.   Understanding the structure and the culture of the company has prepared me for the workplace because I know more about myself and the environment that will help me to succeed.

October 2, 2012

Catherine Doherty: Brookfield Renewable Energy Group
Interning with Brookfield Renewable Energy Group

Interning with Brookfield Renewable Energy Group


Name: Catherine Doherty
Hometown, State: Stoneham, MA
Major: Organizational Communication
Minor: Information Technology
Internship Sponsor: Brookfield Renewable Energy Group


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Creating a weekly media report to present to management
  • Managing the Brookfield fact sheets and brochures to be distributed to investors
  • Publishing and updating content for the company’s website
  • Coordinating team efforts to help execute Brookfield’s ‘Annual US Foundation Golf Tournament’

Blog Entry:
Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners is a non-profit organization that owns hydroelectric facilities and wind farms in Canada, Brazil, and the United States. As a  communications intern in the US, I have gained insight into the dynamics of a successful international company. Since Brookfield operates in 3 different countries, cultural and language barriers often arise. I find myself referring to terms and concepts I’ve learned in my International Marketing class here at Assumption to handle situations appropriately.


As a student with an Information Technology minor, I was thrilled when I was given the role of project manager for updating website content. I work behind the scenes on the company website to update media releases, change pictures, and create feature articles. I often call upon concepts from my Content Management Systems class when updating the site. I took this class last semester, and now I’m actually teaching some of the concepts to my co-workers who aren’t as familiar with content management systems.


This internship is a highly beneficial experience. Not only am I gaining real-life experience in a field I love, but I am also building a vast network of relationships with organizations in the energy field and my co-workers. I encourage all students to seek out an internship during their college career!