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September 25, 2012

Nicole Carpenter: GrooveBoston
Interning with Groove Boston

Interning with GrooveBoston


Name: Nicole Carpenter
Hometown: Holden, MA
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: GrooveBoston


Primary Responsibilities:
As a branding and marketing intern at GrooveBoston, my responsibilities include:

  • Executing the VIP experience that occurs at each GrooveBoston event, which requires coordination with both school representatives and VIP recipients. 
  • Establishing an ambassador program at each of our client colleges and universities which will help to improve brand awareness and recognition.
  • Managing the red carpet Step & Repeat at each event.
  • Prospecting for new college and university clients as well as media outlets to increase brand exposure.
  • Creating a “Legendary Dance Party” from the ground up.



Blog Entry:
GrooveBoston, a creator of “Legendary Dance Parties” at colleges and universities across the East Coast, has exposed me to the world of event planning, as well as an alternative approach to business practices and organizational cultures.


GrooveBoston, through its unique and unconventional organizational culture, has taught me that a career in marketing does not necessarily  involve sitting at a cubicle at a typical nine to five job.  GrooveBoston prides itself on its non-conformist, organic structure—whether that be gathering around leather couches rather than a conference table, starting the day at noon instead of nine, or taking the time to just have some fun during work hours.  GrooveBoston has taught me of the possibility of having fun at work, which often times goes hand-in-hand with finding your passion.  When you find something you are passionate about and make that your job, it is hard to call it work.


As an intern at GrooveBoston, I work directly with the branding and marketing team.  My main project is community and media outreach.  I am responsible for contacting college or university representatives who are hosting an event in order to execute the VIP experience.  The VIP experience involves coordinating with about 30 students who have demonstrated extreme interest and excitement over the GrooveBoston presence and rewarding them with full access to the DJ warm up, as well as a meet and greet with the artists on stage to learn about how our equipment works.  Additionally, I am also communicating with college and university media outlets, such as student-run newspapers, television stations, and radio to promote events, as well as spread brand awareness. 


GrooveBoston has not only increased my knowledge and experience in the event planning industry -  it has also  introduced me to a corporate culture and structure in which I can grow and thrive as a professional.