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April 10, 2012

Alba Kocibelli: JCSI Corporate Staffing
Interning at JCSI Corporate Staffing

Interning at JCSI Corporate Staffing


Name: Alba Kocibelli
Hometown: Worcester, MA

Major: Management
Internship Sponsor: JCSI Corporate Staffing
Primary Responsibilities:

As a candidate development specialist intern at JCSI, I apply the knowledge that I have gained in business classes to a corporate setting. I am considered part of the recruiting subdivision within the company, where I work with a team to help fill an array of positions for many companies. My responsibilities include: interviewing prospective candidates, reviewing resumes and providing feedback directly to my project managers.
Blog Entry:
JCSI Corporate Staffing is primary focused on successfully providing their clients with capable and fit candidates to meet specific hiring requirements. The company uses social media networking databases to help build a qualified candidate pool for all their clients’ immediate and future needs. As a member of the JCSI community, I see this take place on a daily basis.


I am a member of a team of 4-5 recruiters who strive to fill positions in a diverse range of business sectors, from IT, engineering, and health fields all the way to mining and construction environments. Since tasks and assignments vary, I’ve learned how to become a quick-change artist. Communicating directly with prospective candidates has taught me and improved my skills on how to successfully communicate with individuals on a professional level. Also I’ve learned how to quickly and effectively answer candidates’ questions.


Through my experience, I have discovered that I enjoy working as part of a group because it allows me quick access to my teammates, as well as my project manager who can directly answer and assist me with any questions or issues.


My internship at JCSI has helped me to develop as a professional, which is an asset in my career search.

Emily F. Marino: Assumption College, Office of Public Affairs
Interning in the Assumption College Office of Public Affairs

Interning in the Assumption College Office of Public Affairs


Name: Emily F. Marino
Hometown: West Springfield, MA
Major: Marketing
Minor: Finance
Internship Sponsor: Assumption College, Office of Public Affairs


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Researching, interviewing and writing articles/profiles for print and web publication
  • Writing press releases and maintaining a news media contact
  • Working with interactive media to enhance Assumption College’s presence
  • Writing, editing and overseeing the production of the playbill and promotional materials for the College’s spring musical, “Seussical”

Blog Entry:

As an intern in the Office of Public Affairs, I have had the pleasure of contributing to the behind-the-scenes marketing action of Assumption College. As a student you sometimes forget that an institution needs to market itself and this internship experience has opened my eyes to the internal and external communication activities that occur daily. 


I have built a portfolio of writing samples and have gained hands-on experience as a quick-change artist because of the number of different tasks I perform daily. I frequently write press releases and media advisories, which I learned to write in my Public Relations class. I also contribute frequently to the content on the Assumption College Facebook page, where I apply knowledge from my Marketing on the Internet class. Marketers need to know their audience and be clear in the action they want them to take from the content they share on social media platforms.


My main project throughout my internship has been producing the playbill and developing promotional materials for Assumption College’s spring production of “Seussical, The Musical”.  It has been an especially enjoyable experience because I am a big fan of Dr. Seuss.  The development of the playbill involved collecting and editing bios, attending meetings with various departments, and laying out all the pieces needed for the playbill. I am excited to see the musical in a few weeks, as well as the audiences’ reactions to my playbill.  Overall, I am ending the semester having gained an immense amount of knowledge that I can transfer into the job market when I graduate.

Steven Scott: Rehabilitative Resources Incorporated (RRI)
Interning at Rehabilitative Resources Incorporated (RRI)

Interning at Rehabilitative Resources Incorporated (RRI)


Name: Steven Scott
Hometown: Dayton, ME
Major: Management
Internship Sponsor: Rehabilitative Resources Incorporated (RRI)


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Post events on Chamber of Commerce websites
  • Design a template in Constant Contact to be used monthly for informational emails
  • Create a new brochure for Elm Hill Center to be used for promotional purposes
  • Create fundraising flyers and materials
  • Read daily newspapers for mentions of RRI

Blog Entry:
Rehabilitative Resources Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation specializing in adult foster care and autism support. I was fortunate enough to be accepted as an intern in the marketing department of RRI. Before my internship began, I had very little real world experience as a marketing professional; I knew working in a professional atmosphere would provide me with the experience needed to jumpstart my career after graduation.


I work directly for the Marketing Director, who is my supervisor and mentor. The marketing department for a not-for-profit corporation is very different from for-profit firms because the budget is typically much smaller. Because of this, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge on how to advertise on a small budget. I have gradually been given more responsibility, and most recently have been designing new fliers and brochures to be mailed to potential clients and donors.


RRI has a unique organizational structure; it has individual business functions, but for fundraising projects personnel from each function work as a team. I assisted on the March Wine Tasting committee which was a great experience.


RRI is a “work hard, play hard” culture. I am given various tasks to complete throughout the day, but my supervisor keeps the office attitude light and enjoyable. I am very happy to be a part of the marketing department at Rehabilitative Resources Incorporated.

April 3, 2012

Andrew Trottier: MAPFRE Commerce Insurance
Interning at MAPFRE Commerce Insurance

Interning at MAPFRE Commerce Insurance


Name: Andrew Trottier
Hometown: Webster, MA
Major: International Business
Internship Sponsor: MAPFRE Commerce Insurance


Primary Responsibilities:
As a finance intern at Commerce Insurance, my primary responsibilities are handling unclaimed property information throughout the treasury accounts.  This includes work such as: check clearing, data entry, account reconciliations, organizing and filing account summaries and updating policy information through the company’s portal.


Blog Entry:
As a junior, interning in the Treasury Department at Commerce Insurance has given me a new perspective towards corporate structure and culture, and my fit within the corporation.  Not having worked in a process culture before, I had not considered the importance of a company’s culture in deciding a company of best fit for myself.  The low risk, slow feedback culture of Commerce Insurance has provided me with a better understanding of my own cultural preferences in job description and security.


At Commerce Insurance there is a strong matrix structure within the headquarters; there are many teams within teams in each department.  In the Finance Department, my internship is located in a unique area of the Treasury Department.  In order for the department to ensure that accounts balance, the outstanding checks must be accounted for.  Due to the significant amount of unclaimed checks, I am primarily assigned the task of transferring the address and policy information of the account holders into Excel spreadsheets which hold the check amounts.


Not only has my internship taught me the very detailed process which goes into the operations of a large corporation, but it has also opened the doors to a behind-the-scene job.  This internship provided me with career path options which I intend to pursue.

April 2, 2012

Margaux Finan: RDW Group, Inc.
Interning at RDW Group, Inc.

Interning at RDW Group, Inc.


Name: Margaux Finan
Hometown: Millis, MA
Major: Organizational Communication, Visual Arts with a History Concentration
Internship Sponsor: RDW Group, Inc.


Primary Responsibilities: As an intern at RDW Group, I have been able to incorporate my business and creative sides while working with various companies, including: Reliant Medical Group, Higgins Armory Museum, and Worcester Art Museum. My responsibilities include: composing media lists, developing marketing campaigns, writing press releases and text for billboards, and providing clients with creative, integrated marketing strategies.


Blog Entry: RDW Group, Inc. takes an integrated marketing, advertising, and public relations approach to their strategies with clients. I believe they also take an integrated approach to working with interns by focusing on our individual strengths and challenges; this motivates us to perform at our best.


RDW Group, Inc. has provided me with an experience that has jumpstarted my career in public relations. Because of their integrated approach with interns, I have learned that I can succeed in communicating with clients on a professional level and that writing skills are a continual work-in- progress. For example, writing PR Plans for various clients has shown me that each corporation and company is unique, and a specific style is needed to customize tactics and strategies for each client. This Is known as audience analysis.


RDW Group, Inc. has provided me with insight to the “work hard, play hard” organizational culture. All of us at RDW work hard to accomplish various goals, whether it involves participating in a client pitch or researching for articles. RDW Group, Inc. is also a close community of employees who make sure to spend time throughout the day to form professional relationships. 


RDW Group, Inc. is definitely a place of “go getters” and goal accomplishment. We provide our clients with top-level work, and enjoy doing so.