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March 27, 2012

Nicholas St Jean: Holden Police Department, George Sherrill, Chief
Interning with the Holden Police Department
Interning with the Holden Police Department


Name: Nicholas St.  Jean
Hometown: Killingly, Connecticut
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Holden Police Department, George Sherrill, Chief


Primary Responsibilities: As an intern at the Holden Police Department, I have had  the opportunity to attend various classes and I have been certified as a 911 dispatcher. I have visited the Massachusetts State Police Academy and learned about topics such as traffic stop procedures. I have also observed court sessions and shadowed a police officer. 



Blog Entry:
As an intern with the Holden Police, I have observed and learned about the career of being a police officer. I have always wanted to become an officer because being a public servant is a rewarding career.


Relating this internship to my business classes is more relevant than I originally thought. The chain of command of this organization is the key to the success of the department and to its operations. Police officers use organizational communication strategies to protect citizens and to serve to the best of their ability.


The Holden Police Department has given me the opportunity for career education and has confirmed that this is my career choice.  I believe this  opportunity has put me at an advantage because a career as a police officer is competitive and difficult to achieve.

March 22, 2012

Liliana Jorge: Campus Recreation, Assumption College

Interning in the Assumption College Campus Recreation Office


Name: Liliana Jorge
Hometown: Warwick, RI
Major: International Business
Internship Sponsor: Campus Recreation, Assumption College


Primary Responsibilities:

As a Marketing Intern for Campus Recreation, my primary responsibilities include:

  • assisting with marketing for all  sports areas, including intramurals, instructional programs, open recreation, and facility events
  • developing and managing social media outlets and creating marketing strategies for the Campus Recreation website, portal, and IMLeagues
  • collecting  and organizing event photos and videos for promotional use
  • developing marketing flyers for promotional purposes
  • researching additional marketing methods to be utilized by Campus Recreation
  • beginning development and incorporation of the College’s Catholic Mission into Campus Recreation
  • writing biweekly articles that promote and inform Campus Recreation for the “Provoc”


Blog Entry:
Campus Recreation strives for a student-centered approach to recreational needs. As a student intern, I am able to incorporate a student perspective in bringing together the goals of Campus Recreation and the mission of Assumption College to develop my marketing skills.


Since such a high percentage of our population uses Campus Recreation, marketing is essential to creating a community here at Assumption. It all starts with promoting intramurals, events, and programs that will bring people into the facility. I had the opportunity to participate in event planning through the annual Health Fair and I have gained important communication skills by maintaining knowledge of all areas of Campus Recreation and relaying it to the entire campus.


I have also been able to incorporate skills that I have learned in my classes. Graphic Design has aided me in the production of posters and flyers and Marketing has aided me in everything from promotional strategies to the business writing I utilize in my “Provoc” articles.


Campus Recreation has a specific hierarchal structure and the “work hard play hard” culture is my favorite part about working there. I love interacting with everyone who takes part in running the facility and also the students and staff that use it on a daily basis. I also love the fact that I can actively participate in all of the activities I promote!

Amy Noyes: Assumption College, Office of Admissions
Interning in the Assumption College Admissions Office
Interning in the Assumption College Admissions Office


Name: Amy Noyes
Hometown: West Boylston, MA
Major: Organizational Communication
Minor: Graphic Design
Internship: Assumption College, Office of Admissions


Primary Responsibilities:

My internship responsibilities include:  greeting prospective students on campus, reading applications, learning the admissions process and serving as a student liaison on the Communication Flow team.


Blog Entry:

Greetings from the Admissions House!


In my first six weeks as an Admissions intern, I have learned a great deal about the admissions process and also about prospective high school seniors. Working daily with an admission counselor, I have been reading applications, conducting student interviews, and learning the daily work routine in the Admissions House.


I’m helping to reconstruct the group information presentation for prospective students, along with designing the Accepted Students Day brochure! We are working with a program called Prezi to revamp our group information presentation to make it more fun and accessible.


I am working with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to construct and design the Accepted Students’ Day brochure. It has taken a great deal of time and a lot of feedback, and it seems to be shaping up well! There’s a great deal of work to be done before prospective students arrive on campus for Accepted Students Day on April 1st!

March 19, 2012

Shamyre Johnson: Emmanuel Communications (Emmanuel Radio)
Interning at Emmanuel Communications (Emmanuel Radio)
Interning at Emmanuel Communications (Emmanuel Radio)

Name: Shamyre Johnson
Hometown: Boston, MA
Major: Organizational Communication
Internship Sponsor: Emmanuel Communications (Emmanuel Radio)


Primary Responsibilities:

As an intern at Emmanuel Radio, I assist in the development and implementation of fundraising, marketing, and public relation strategies for 1230AM Radio.  This includes planning events such as parish talks, community events, and donor events.  I am also a voice personality on the station!


Blog Entry:

Interning at Emmanuel Radio has given me the opportunity to learn how a new non-profit organization functions in its “launch”   implementation stage.  Learning how to create a message and implement that  message and mission in the business sector is the best way to see how business is created.


The radio station was launched in May 2011, so building brand awareness and financial support are two of its primary focuses. Therefore, we are in the middle of planning a wine and cheese fundraising event at an exclusive museum in downtown Worcester.  I was not sure if I was cut out to assist with event planning, but I have learned that the knowledge I have gained from my marketing and communication classes can be applied to event planning.  Also, I was even able to help my manager design the invitations without having taken graphic design.


I know from strategic communication how to tie my message to the organization’s mission and  the needs of the audience.  I learned from business and technical writing the importance of white space in reading materials.  The color black suggests elegance and formality, while blue is the preferred color in business.  Based on the purpose of the donor event and our guests (audience), we designed an invitation colored in all black with an elegant sans serif font.


My internship has taught me that knowledge and skills are transferable to all types of organizations and business sectors, and I am excited to see how my skills will continue to contribute to 1230 Radio!

March 2, 2012

Molly Wiley: Dunkin’ Brands
Interning at Dunkin’ Brands

Interning at Dunkin’ Brands



Name: Molly Wiley
Hometown: Princeton, MA
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Dunkin’ Brands


Primary Responsibilities:
As an intern at Dunkin’ Brands, I assist in planning and promoting corporate-sponsored events, design and plan creative campaigns for the sports sponsorships in the Boston and New Hampshire markets, and organize special events.


Blog Entry:
As an intern at Dunkin’ Brands, I am actively involved in the planning of events for our markets.  I helped to advertise Dunkin’ support for the Patriot’s after the AFC championship before they played in the Super Bowl, and also helped to develop a creative plan for a Red Sox spring training promotion co-sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts, and JetBlue.   My class on Marketing on the Internet helped me to understand what will keep a campaign successful once it goes out on the worldwide web.


Dunkin’ has given me the opportunity to work in an environment that involves my two passions -  delicious coffee and Boston sports!  My managers have taught me valuable marketing concepts in order for me to succeed in the marketing world, while also allowing me to spearhead my own projects and campaigns and show what I can do.  Dunkin’ has taught me the real value a consumer has to a business and how much franchisees’ rely on a support system from the company in order to be successful.


Working at Dunkin’ Brands has been a dream come true, as cliché as that may sound.  I have always wanted to work to find out why consumers choose to purchase and use specific products.  Dunkin’ works to find what our customers like the best and we strive to find out how we can improve the start to their day, everyday.

David M. D’Amico Jr.: RDW Group, Inc.
Interning at RDW Group, Inc.

Interning at RDW Group, Inc.


Name: David M. D’Amico Jr.
Hometown: Johnston, RI
Major: Organizational Communication
Internship Sponsor: RDW Group, Inc.


Primary Responsibilities: As an intern at RDW Group, I am an account executive on two accounts. My  other responsibilities include: conducting competitor research, developing marketing campaigns for clients, composing press releases, writing media advisories, putting together 15-second radio ads, providing clients with creative direction and evaluating  marketing strategies.


Blog Entry: Hello all, my name is David D’Amico and I am a junior Organizational Communication major deciding on a minor in either Marketing or Graphic Design.  Compared to my past job experiences, RDW Group has the best organizational culture “fit” for me. RDW combines the vast communication expertise of its employees with an organic structure that incorporates interns -  as much as top executives – on a single electronic network with access to all accounts.


I feel very prepared at my internship due to the many foundation classes I have taken in the Business Studies Department.  I have used my organizational communication skills in meeting with clients such as The Rhode Island Public Transit Agency, St. Patrick’s Academy, NRI Chamber of Commerce, and the Leominster Credit Union to decide on the best communication strategies that fit their goals. My most exciting task at RDW was developing my own marketing campaign for a client. In doing so, I applied concepts from both my Marketing Management and Public Relations courses.  


Throughout my time at RDW, I have been inspired by how the RDW mission and vision is played out in front of me everyday.  RDW is not your average communications agency.  We not only provide clients with integrated communications plans -  we also assist them with the implementation of these plans.  It’s an exciting place!

Pat O’Kane: Kaburst
Interning at Kaburst
Interning at Kaburst


Name: Pat O’Kane
Hometown: Hollis, New Hampshire
Major: Management
Internship Sponsor: Kaburst


Primary Responsibilities:

As a Social Media Marketing Intern at Kaburst, my primary responsibilities include: managing social media channels; developing marketing techniques; establishing signage for small businesses while promoting Kaburst; developing web-pages for individual businesses; understanding differences among types of marketing strategies for various organizations, and promoting Kaburst via social media and word of mouth.


Blog Entry:

I was fortunate to come across the opportunity to work with Kaburst, a social media marketing business that connects local business to customers. Established in the greater Hartford area, Kaburst  seeks to improve the marketing methods of small businesses in the city of Worcester through the use of social media. With the rise of social media, smart phones and other forms of technology, Kaburst uses social media to stay on the leading edge of the marketing side of business.


Kaburst is a fairly small organization with a flat managerial structure. Working very closely with a co-founder of the company, I have witnessed  several aspects of a start-up company as it make a name for itself.  I have seen the discovery of a marketing technique that utilizes the real-time information people need in today’s society, and the implementation of such information into a smart phone format.


Through my internship opportunities, I have worked one-on-one with several small businesses in the Worcester area, including businesses in the food, liquor and health and beauty fields. All of the businesses have their unique forms of marketing. I apply my marketing and management background to improve their customer response.