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February 29, 2012

Jennifer Byrne: United Way of Central Massachusetts
Interning at the United Way of Central Massachusetts
Interning at the United Way of Central Massachusetts


Name: Jennifer Byrne
Hometown: Sudbury, MA
Major: Management
Internship Sponsor: United Way of Central Massachusetts


Primary Responsibilities: As an intern at United Way, my primary responsibilities include: web content creation, event planning and preparation, posting to social media sites, creating marketing materials using state of the art software, updating and maintaining mailing lists, and performing administrative work.


Blog Entry: Interning at the United Way of Central Massachusetts has given me the opportunity to assist in planning and preparing for events that improve the lives of people in the community. Before beginning my internship, I assumed the United Way was only a fundraising organization. However, I have found that the United Way focuses on connecting people with the resources they need to be successful. They work with agencies and volunteers to identify immediate problems and generate solutions to the more pressing needs facing the community.


United Way has a fun, fast-paced environment and has helped me to gain valuable interpersonal communication skills. In addition, working on several projects at a time has increased my time management and event management skills.


The main events I have been preparing for are the Dollar Scholar Conferences coming up in March. These events are sponsored by the Women’s Initiative and help raise financial literacy awareness for 8th grade girls. The goal of the program is to set the stage for these teenage girls to become responsible and confident in their personal finances.


Prior to this, I interned at Mattel doing activities such as inventory management, business planning and analysis, and sales forecasting. United Way, a non-profit organization, has provided me with an opportunity to experience event planning and marketing. It is inspiring to work with the employees at United Way, who are so passionate about making a difference in the community and truly believe in the valiant mission of the organization.

Briana Brown: Emmanuel Communications (WNEB 1230AM Emmanuel Radio)
Interning at Emmanuel Communications (WNEB 1230AM Emmanuel Radio)

Interning at Emmanuel Communications (WNEB 1230AM Emmanuel Radio)


Name:  Briana Brown
Hometown, State: Wilmington, MA
Major: Organizational Communication and Psychology
Internship Sponsor: Emmanuel Communications (WNEB 1230AM Emmanuel Radio)


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Represent the station to the public through media spots and our social media networks
  • Facilitate growth and interest in the station through interactions with local Catholic organizations
  • Help to plan and execute events and fundraising efforts
  • Maintain organization of donations and donor contacts
  • Perform administrative tasks


Blog Entry:
Interning at Emmanuel Radio has given me the unique experience of direct involvement in the functions and tasks of developing, maintaining and growing a new Catholic radio station. The non-profit radio station launched in May 2011 and has been working intensively to gain listeners and to solidify brand recognition.


Helping with Emmanuel Radio’s efforts to grow has allowed me to apply the skills and knowledge I have gained in management, marketing and communication classes. When reaching out to our target market through social media, parish talks, events, telephone soliciting, and “snail mail”, I use communication theories that I have learned to connect with the particular demographic. When calling donors and prospective sponsors, I use the knowledge and skills of personal communication to gain interest and support for the organization through donors’ belief in the importance of spreading the message of Christ.


The opportunity of observing and participating in a growing, vibrant organization, has allowed me to implement – or put into action – the marketing and management tasks of establishing a non-profit organization.

February 28, 2012

Alexandra Gerard: The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts
Interning at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts

Interning at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts


Name: Alexandra Gerard
Hometown: Belchertown, MA
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts


Primary Responsibilities: My internship responsibilities include:  fostering positive relationships with local businesses, including restaurant owners and advertisers; setting up and coordinating participation in fairs and festivals; distributing promotional materials; posting press releases and new stories on the theatre’s website; and customizing online marketing and PR for each new show.



Blog entry: My internship at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing arts is an intriguing “hands on” look into the fascinating entertainment industry. The concepts that I have learned in my marketing classes are highly transferable in this internship. Beginning with Marketing 101, when I learned how important it is to choose the right target market for a product or service, I am working to ensure that the  process to determine the target market for each show at the Hanover Theater is right.


The Marketing Director uses specific demographics of surrounding towns and cities to analyze the consumers who can both afford subscriptions and consumers who are close enough to the theatre to come to more than one show. It is a tedious process, but because the marketing budget is not unlimited, the Marketing Department needs to choose wisely in determining their mailing lists.


In Marketing Management, I learned the importance of choosing the right promotional materials for products and services. Choosing the right promotional materials is crucial in the entertainment industry because we want to excite  consumers with festive language and engaging photographs from past, current and future shows.


To stay within budget, the Hanover Theatre also uses weekly emails and social websites to get our word out to potential consumers who love the arts.  I update social websites about upcoming shows. The goal of the theatre is to sell out shows -  and this involves extensive marketing knowledge!

February 14, 2012

Rindy Neang: Admissions Office, Assumption College
Interning in the Assumption College Admissions Office

Interning in the Assumption College Admissions Office



Name: Rindy Neang
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Major: Management
Internship Sponsor: Admissions Office, Assumption College


Primary Responsibilities:
As an intern in the Admissions Office, my primary responsibilities include: creating fliers; conducting mailings for recruiting trips; preparing, reading, and evaluating students’ applications; visiting local high schools for presentations; writing congratulatory cards to accepted students; analyzing and providing suggestions to revise the guidebook.


Blog Entry:
Interning in the Admissions Office has been a great opportunity to gain knowledge, from an institutional perspective, of the admissions function and processes. During my internship, I have completed first and second reads of student applications, and reviewed and evaluated specific students’ applications.


I find the application reading process to be the most intriguing because it gives me the opportunity to read and evaluate an actual student’s application. At the same time, it is challenging because, now sitting in an Admissions Office, I can almost see and feel the student perspective in the application process and I am reminded of how I felt as a high school senior completing the process. I want to say to all our applicants that the Admissions Office is very diligent and purposeful in their admissions decisions.


My internship has also allowed me to apply the skills and knowledge I have learned in management classes as I initiate, manage, and report on all the tasks I am assigned to complete. This process is used by all employees and managers in the work environment.