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November 30, 2011

Kristen Norris: Emmanuel Communications (WNEB 1230AM Emmanuel Radio)
Interning at Emmanuel Communications (WNEB 1230AM Emmanuel Radio)

Interning at Emmanuel Communications (WNEB 1230AM Emmanuel Radio)

Name: Kristen Norris

Hometown: Ansonia, CT

Major: Organizational Communication

Internship Sponsor: Emmanuel Communications (WNEB 1230AM Emmanuel Radio)


Primary Responsibilities:

As an intern at Emmanuel Communications, my responsibilities include: marketing to our target markets, maintaining our social media sites, updating our community calendar, and updating mailing lists.


Blog Entry:

I have always had an interest in learning about the radio industry and was thrilled at the opportunity to intern with Emmanuel Communications as it launched a Catholic radio station in Worcester, MA. Before my internship, I always associated radio with music and now I realize that radio is a very powerful media that is used to spread more than just music to its listeners. In the case of Catholic radio, we use it as the media to spread the message of Christ.


Emmanuel Radio 1230 AM is very new; I have had the advantage of being a part of the station launch that occurred at the end of September. Most notably, I marketed the launch and designed items for the event. This allowed me to use the skills I have learned in my marketing classes, such as how to reach our target markets and utilize social media and email, to spread news about our station. I also use technical skills and software programs I learned in my computer classes, such as InDesign and Photoshop.


My experience at Emmanuel Radio has made me see how much work goes on “behind the scenes” of a radio station and the importance and impact of the programming that is aired. Going into my internship I was nervous about whether or not I was going to be fully prepared to be out in the professional work field. After interning at Emmanuel Radio, I now know that my education at Assumption has fully prepared me for a career after college.

Eddie McDonald: Home Sweet Home LLC
Interning with Home Sweet Home LLC

Interning with Home Sweet Home LLC

Name: Eddie McDonald

Hometown: Arlington, Massachusetts

Major: Management

Minor: Finance

Internship Sponsor: Home Sweet Home LLC


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and facilitate job progress in accordance with all state, town and city construction regulations and procedures
  • Facilitate and manage the Home Sweet Home Facebook Page, Twitter, and company website
  • Work to build brand awareness and social networking by managing contacts and information
  • Document construction activities and records as-built information
  • Review material and inspect construction for compliance with plans and specifications
  • Attend weekly company meetings

Blog Entry:


Ever since I was a young kid I have dreamed of one day owning my own business. Being an intern at Home Sweet Home, an entrepreneurial business, has taught me all about the day-to-day functions and responsibilities that go along with being your own boss. The founders of Home Sweet Home are two young guys, who like me, wanted to start their own company. They started out three years ago working out of their garage by doing house calls for their closest family and friends. As they started to establish themselves and their company, their referral list grew tremendously. Through social networking they have been able to create a significant brand awareness for their company in the greater Boston area.


What I like so much about working for Home Sweet Home is the work environment. The two founders really make me feel like I play a major role in their company and yet, never put any pressure on me. I was able to see the process and procedures of building an entire house from beginning to end. There is so much more that goes into planning for new construction that includes not only the actual labor, but also making sure all of the proper permits are attained.


I sit in on weekly company meetings and am encouraged to voice my ideas. The company has grown through its social media marketing. They love my marketing ideas and allow me to monitor their Website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Since I started interning, the number of hits they have had on their website has almost doubled and the amount of new business leads has increased significantly.


Interning with Home Sweet Home puts into perspective how much work goes into running your own company. I am actually able to see how my work directly increases their business. I am learning how much social media marketing can spread a company’s brand awareness and increase productivity. Communication and customer service are also very important in the construction business. You must be able to communicate with your customers so the job gets done correctly and in a timely manner. The more satisfied a customer is with your work, the more likely they will call you again and refer your business to other customers.

November 29, 2011

Leslie Carriveau: Institutional Advancement, Assumption College
Interning at Assumption College's Division of Internal Advancement

Interning at Assumption College's Division of Internal Advancement


Name:  Leslie Carriveau

Hometown: Easthampton, Massachusetts

Major: Organizational Communication

Internship Sponsor: Institutional Advancement Assumption College


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work directly with the Director of Special Events and Stewardship
  • Assist in the planning of several events, such as President’s Council Dinner and the Women’s Leadership Forum
  • Review marketing materials and make recommendations for improvement and effectiveness
  • Perform administrative work as needed

Blog Entry:

As an intern in the Office of Institutional Advancement, I have been given the opportunity to assist in the planning of many events at the college. From the initial stages of planning to the final execution, I am working alongside the Director of Special Events to ensure smooth-running events. This internship has showed me how clear communication directly impacts the successful execution of an event.


I have had the experience of learning that with hard work, there is a great pay off. I learned this during the preparations for the annual President’s Council Dinner in October. This is a dinner in appreciation of some of the largest donors to Assumption College. My main responsibility for this dinner was making sure everything ran smoothly and according to plan. Clear communication made the night go off without any problems because everyone knew exactly what was expected.


My classes at Assumption have directly impacted my internship experience. Specifically, my Interpersonal Communication and my Communication Theory courses provided a foundation for my success in event planning, which I hope to pursue as a career.

Ryan Laabs: Small Business Service Bureau (SBSB)
Interning at the Small Business Service Bureau

Interning at the Small Business Service Bureau


Name: Ryan Laabs

Hometown: Dudley, MA

Major: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: Small Business Service Bureau (SBSB)


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Compiling and updating direct mail marketing lists
  • Researching social media applications for a new online insurance marketplace
  • Monitoring news outlets and state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Preparing post-event promotional packets and letters for A Night of Stars: Celebrity Gala to Benefit Food for the Poor
  • Researching legislative issues and current events that impact small business

Blog Entry:


Interning in the Marketing and Communications Department of the Small Business Service Bureau (SBSB) has been quite the experience! When one thinks of “marketing” one has an idea of flashy car commercials and paid celebrities pushing a brand or product. What most people do not know is that marketing is critical and “alive and well” in even the smallest of organizations and businesses.


The SBSB uses direct marketing campaigns to communicate with members and potential leads. This adds a more personal touch to the marketing mix. I have been able to work first hand to create a direct marketing list from scratch and input suggestions about the overall campaign strategy. Working within a tight-knit department overseen directly by the Chairman and Founder, Frank Carroll, allowed me to witness and assist upper management with large projects. Even as an intern, I was able to get direct feedback and input from executive management. This shows how communication flows quickly in a flat organizational structure.


I also gained event planning experience during the preparation for A Night of Stars: Celebrity Gala to Benefit Food for the Poor; a unique fundraising event for the St. John’s Food for the Poor Program. I have been highly involved in the post-event planning, which started months before the actual event even took place! All this preparation was worth the effort when the event went off without a hitch. I had the opportunity to mingle with Hollywood and Broadway actors and actresses and award-winning songwriters and performers at the event.


My experience has shown me that success in the corporate world requires hard work, preparation, and dedication. The opportunity to be closely involved with the planning and execution of a major event like A Night of Stars: Celebrity Gala to Benefit Food for the Poor provided me the occasion to be hands-on at both the macro and micro levels of marketing and event planning. I could never have gained this experience without my business internship at the SBSB.

November 16, 2011

Chelsae Partosan: DCU Center
Interning at the DCU Center

Interning at the DCU Center


Name: Chelsae Partosan

Hometown: Mystic, Connecticut

Major: Organizational Communication

Internship Sponsor: DCU Center


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work directly with the Director of Group Sales to assist with group orders
  • Update social media websites such as Social Web and Facebook
  • Perform administrative work such as follow-up phone calls to advertising leads
  • Assist with promotional activities such as distributing flyers, schedules, and tickets to local schools and businesses
  • Work special events such as the Ringling Brothers Circus, Business Expo, Cirque de Soleil- Quidam, and Avicii
  • Attend “Woo Card” meetings

Blog Entry:

Hello! My name is Chelsae Partosan and I am a senior Organizational Communication major with a minor in Marketing. I am currently a Marketing Intern at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA. Compared to my two previous internship experiences, I have to say the DCU Center has been my best fit with an organizational culture. I felt comfortable in my work environment beginning day one and have been able to voice my suggestions freely.


I have experienced the ins and outs of what goes into planning multiple events at once; I have learned there is a lot of hard work, but it is very rewarding. Planning an event begins with preparing a press release to announce an event to the public and moves on to advertising and promoting the event to draw in the specific target audience. Working the day of an event can be exciting, as well as stressful. The specific act or artist usually has press coverage during the day, including radio and television interviews, as well as meet and greet opportunities – and then it’s show time! We are able to see how successful our promotions have been according to our ticket sales. I have been able to attend many events at the DCU Center. Seeing an event unfold is a gratifying experience after the months of preparation that goes into planning that one event.


I feel very prepared at my internship with the many foundation classes I have taken in the Business Studies Department. Classes such as Marketing on the Internet, Communication Theory, Public Relations, and Advertising have provided knowledge and skills that I have applied to projects at my internship.

November 11, 2011

Jessica Papachriston: Worcester Sharks (AHL)
Interning with the Worcester Sharks

Interning with the Worcester Sharks


Name: Jessica Papachriston

Hometown: Haverhill, MA

Major: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: Worcester Sharks Hockey League (AHL)


Primary Responsibilities:

As a marketing intern at the Worcester Sharks, my primary responsibilities include: promoting upcoming events on social media websites, updating holds and solds of ticket sales, researching and presenting upcoming social media, evaluating Google Analytics to help provide new marketing strategies, and assisting the Marketing Department with promotional campaigns.


Blog Entry:

As soon as I started with the Sharks I was thrown into the daily bustle of activity preparing for the upcoming hockey season. With the season opener a month away, there was plenty of work to assist with around the office and many deadlines to meet.


Once the Sharks won their season opener, – creating a lot of excitement within the office – the office seemed to transition into a rhythmic pattern. I was excited to be assigned to help the senior Director of Marketing and Sales with crunching the numbers of the ticket sales and using Google Analytics as a primary tool to research possible marketing strategies and plans. It was fascinating to be exposed to Google Analytics and find my niche for crunching numbers in the Marketing Department


I believe that a common misconception of marketing is that there is only a creative side, neglecting the analytical segment of marketing. I was glad to get the ‘real life experience’ of analyzing sales, which needs to be completed before the creative marketing side can begin.


Being a marketing intern at the Sharks has been an eye-opening experience into sports marketing. It has helped me gain experience that I would never have attained in a classroom and has given me a better idea of what I want in my future career.

Andrew Smith: Worcester Sharks (AHL)
Interning with the Worcester Sharks Hockey Team

Interning with the Worcester Sharks


Name: Andrew Smith

Hometown/State: North Grafton, MA

Major: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: Worcester Sharks: American Hockey League (AHL)


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Conduct industry research within the AHL to see how the Worcester Sharks stack up with competing AHL teams in terms of attendance and in-game promotions
  • Update Social Media websites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Maintain contact information for Sharks Season Ticket Holders and former clients
  • Assist in finding new leads to grow the Sharks brand
  • Create and distribute Sharks flyers, ticket schedules, and tickets from local schools, churches, and businesses in the Central Massachusetts area

Blog Entry:

Hello! My name is Andrew Smith and I am a Senior Marketing major at Assumption College. I am currently a Marketing and Ticket Sales Intern with the Worcester Sharks. My experience with the Sharks has been tremendous. It has been a unique experience to see how much work actually goes into running a sports team at a professional level, which I did not appreciate as a sports fan. The Sharks Internship has also shown me firsthand the importance of networking in the business world. All aspects of business are driven by networking and communication.


In addition to my office responsibilities, I also assist during home games. Before every Sharks game, there are one or two youth hockey games. During this time, I serve as a DJ and play music through the Jumbotron during stoppages of play or intermissions. The Sharks have played three home games so far, where I have been a member of the Sharks “Tank Team,” worked a “Chuck-a-Puck” promotion and at the Sharks Shootout Booth.


I attribute the quality of my internship work to the foundation that my business classes at Assumption have given me. Classes such as Sports Marketing, Marketing Management, Communication Theory, and Marketing on the Internet have all been very beneficial. I have been able to meet and exceed my supervisor’s expectations on a frequent basis because of the education and skill set I have received through my courses in the Business Studies Department.