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October 28, 2011

Nicole Mattiello: UMass Memorial Medical Center
Interning at UMass Memorial Medical Center

Interning at UMass Memorial Medical Center


Name: Nicole Mattiello
Hometown: Johnston, Rhode Island
Major: Organizational Communication
Minor: Philosophy
Internship Sponsor: UMass Memorial Medical Center


Primary Responsibilities:
At UMass Memorial Medical Center I intern in the Office of Volunteer Services, which is in the Human Resources Department.  My tasks include: writing and editing the volunteer newsletter, entering volunteer information into a database, conducting the required Volunteer Orientation, updating the website, and assisting with office tasks.


Blog Entry:
I have always known I wanted to work in the business side of the healthcare field and specifically, healthcare administration and management.  The Office of Volunteer Services at UMass Memorial Medical Center exposes me to an administrative hospital office in a very successful healthcare environment.


The Office of Volunteer Services currently has over 700 volunteers who range from ages 14 to 90. Meeting many different types of people has been a great experience. There is always something to do in our busy office and I work on many projects which I listed in my responsibilities.


Rewriting and redesigning the volunteer website was a worthwhile task that I completed on my internship. I used writing methods and specific communication techniques I learned in classes such as Communication Theory, Marketing on the Internet, and Business and Technical Writing. 


I am able to gain this hands-on experience by following the direction of the Director of Volunteer Services. One of my favorite moments was planning and participating in our booth at the annual UMass Memorial Cancer Walk. Being able to participate in an event from start to finish was an eye-opening experience.


Because of my internship at this hospital, I now know that I truly want to build my career working in the healthcare field.

October 25, 2011

Lindsey Emino: Admissions Office at Assumption College
Interning in the Assumption College Admissions Office

Interning in the Assumption College Admissions Office


Name: Lindsey Emino
Hometown: Marlborough, MA
Major/Minor: Management/Accounting
Internship Sponsor: Admissions Office at Assumption College


Primary Responsibilities:
My primary responsibility in the Admissions Office is to visit local high schools to present prospective students with factual information about the college, as well as talk about my own personal experiences. I follow-up with my presentations by sending these students additional information based on their intended area of study.


Blog Entry:
This internship experience has helped me greatly with my interpersonal skills.  Having to speak to a group of students where I am relied on as a source of information has become more comfortable and natural with each school visit.  I really enjoy mailing information to prospective students because there is a tangible beginning and end to my communication process.  After I gather admissions packages and write personalized notes to the students I met, and then send the mailings off, I feel I have accomplished my task.  Being in this environment has made me realize that this job is one that I am interested in pursuing after college and that I have ideas that I am able to express in order to encourage students to attend Assumption College.


This internship has given me the confidence to move forward in considering my career path.

Alexa Dalzell: Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)
Interning at the Worcester Business Journal

Interning at the Worcester Business Journal


Name: Alexa Dalzell
Hometown: Sparta, New Jersey
Major: Marketing
Minor: Writing
Internship: Worcester Business Journal (WBJ) 


Primary Responsibilities:
As an intern in both the Editorial and Marketing Departments at the Worcester Business Journal, I have a variety of responsibilities: updating social media websites, building internal databases, conducting publication research, arranging event folders and paperwork, organizing e-mail lists for events, editing articles and attending WBJ sponsored events.


Blog Entry:
I have had the opportunity to attend three main events: The 40 Under Forty, the 2nd Annual Family Business Summit and the 5th Annual Massachusetts Energy Summit. Each event is very different and has introduced me to proper greeting and conversation/networking etiquette. Both the Family Business Summit and Energy Summit introduced me to new topics in business that I would not have learned about in the classroom.


I have also learned a great deal about interpersonal relationships in the work place on a day-to-day basis. Working in two departments gives me the advantage of getting to know a wide range of people with a variety of personalities and responsibilities.


As the Business Manager for Assumption’s newspaper, Le Provocateur, and now working closely with the Marketing and Events Manager at the WBJ, I have found it easy to relate to some of the pressures of organizing, maintaining contact relationships and working within a budget. I have also been able to apply the skills and knowledge from several of my classes to my work at the WBJ: Marketing Management, Computer Science and multiple writing classes. I have been working with Excel a great deal in creating spreadsheets for contact information, as well as editing a few panelist biographies that are involved with our events. My Marketing Management course has helped me analyze my supervisor’s tasks.


I hope to continue working to build the relationships I have established at the Worcester Business Journal, and eventually begin to write my own student column.

October 12, 2011

Alexander Coury: Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau (CMCVB)

Interning at the Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau


Name: Alexander Coury
Hometown: Holden, MA
Major: Organizational Communication
Internship Sponsor: Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau (CMCVB)


Primary Responsibilities:
As an intern at the CMCVB, I am responsible for: updating the organization’s website, creating media releases, and researching information on local businesses and their events. I also help to prepare mailings, newsletters, and other promotional literature for the CMCVB’s members.


Blog Entry:
I am having a wonderful experience interning at the Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau. I have completed a variety of projects, from creating media releases on the organization’s website to editing and formatting newsletters. In completing these tasks, I have come to realize just how many organizations and businesses in the Central Massachusetts region rely on the CMCVB for advertising and publicity. Knowing that my efforts here at the CMCVB are going to be seen by many members of the business community, makes my internship experience all the more rewarding.


My classes at Assumption have also helped with me complete my internship tasks. The skills I have gained from my classes, such as Writing and Editing, Marketing Management, and Communication Theory, are put to the test each day of my internship. Constant revision, editing, and proper communication are crucial when preparing newsletters, web content, and other promotional items.


The lessons I have learned in my Marketing on the Internet class have also proven to be of tremendous use because much of the CMCVB’s marketing initiatives are done on the internet. Social media marketing, such as Facebook, is also an important component of the organization’s marketing strategy. The skills I have gained are being put to good use, and this has made me appreciate the value of my Organizational Communication major.

October 7, 2011

Katherine Rouff: Ameriprise Financial

Interning at Ameriprise Financial

Interning at Ameriprise Financial

Name: Katherine Rouff
Hometown: Andover, MA
Major: Marketing
Minors: Mathematics and Psychology
Internship Sponsor: Ameriprise Financial

Primary Responsibilities:

My main responsibilities at Ameriprise Financial include: client scheduling, appointment preps, preparations of PowerPoint and Excel presentations and communications with the home office. I also work hands-on in investment research putting together potential mutual fund prospects for clients.

Blog Entry:

Interning at Ameriprise Financial is a very eye-opening experience. My internship has given me skills that I could never learn in a classroom or in a computer lab at school.

One experience, which sticks out most in my mind, is the first time I sat in on a client advising meeting. I had called the client a week before reminding him of the appointment for the upcoming week.  When I came in that morning, I pulled and prepped the file, including the accounts summary, arrangements, and PMT spread sheet. When we sat down for the meeting it was gratifying to actually see my work up on the presentation board and watch my supervisor, the advisor, explain to our client the status of his investments.

Being able to see the advisor-client interaction connected back to the importance of one-to-one communication that I learned in Communication Theory. Whether it is via email, phone, or in person, creating relationships and connections in business is vital to all organizations.

Being a part of every step of this communication process has given me a sense of accomplishment and made me feel a part of the Ameriprise family.