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February 28, 2011

Alexi Maxfield: Elevate Communications
Interning at Elevate Communications
Interning at Elevate Communications


Name: Alexi Maxfield
Hometown: Warwick, RI
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Elevate Communications, Boston, MA


Primary Responsibilities:

As a public relations intern at Elevate Communications, I am assigned to the Foxwoods and Foxwoods Theater accounts.  I am responsible for the “Spider-Man” account, the Broadway show which is currently a hit at Foxwoods Theater.  My tasks include: press releases, research, media lists, news pitches, news clippings, and logging coverage to show advertising value.  I am focusing on Foxwoods Theater coverage, which includes print, online and video media; to determine the monthly value to clients of their investment in Elevate’s services.


Blog Entry:

On my first day at Elevate Communications I was nervous, yet excited, to begin a real world experience in marketing. I started my internship at the company’s busiest time; this made adapting to the environment a lot easier because I was instantly thrown into new projects. I worked on multiple tasks such as updating media lists for clients and writing news pitches.


My main project is compiling data coverage of “Spider-Man”. This project is tedious because new coverage is constantly being added to my work load. At first it seemed like a never-ending task. I couldn’t see the importance of the project until my supervisor showed me the final report that was given to the client.


The final project looked amazing; it provided a detailed description of all coverage of the theater over the past month and calculated the advertising value that the client receives from the investment. This finally made me realize the value of my work.


I feel proud of my ability to be detailed and efficient at my coverage task, even when it becomes complicated.


I am learning the basics of public relations in a fast-paced environment that will help me in my future career. I am focusing on my communication, writing, and creative thinking skills that are necessary in all marketing environments. I am focused on my internship because I want to learn as much as I can and receive the most personal value from this opportunity.

February 23, 2011

Julia Brough: Worcester Art Museum
Interning at the Worcester Art Museum
Interning at the Worcester Art Museum


Name: Julia Brough
Hometown: Warwick, RI
Major: Organizational Communication
Minor: Graphic Design
Internship Sponsor: Worcester Art Museum (WAM)


Primary Responsibilities:
I am the marketing and graphic design support intern in the Marketing and Publication Department. My technical tasks include: designing posters, signage, ads, and invitations using Quark. I am also involved in specific marketing campaigns and attend hosted events.


Blog Entry:


I have been able to connect my major in Organizational Communication and minor in Graphic Design through my work at the Worcester Art Museum. Design projects allow freedom for layout and typography, which are two concepts that I have worked heavily with in design classes. I have updated the Worcester Art Museum Facebook account, uploaded videos, taken numerous walks around the museum for inspiration and gone to interesting events.  An example of a technical skill is learning the importance of word hierarchy when composing flyers and how it affects where the eye looks and how well the message is conveyed to the targeted audience.


Sitting in on interviews and meetings have given me experience in observing the internal communication of a non-profit organization. The event planning meetings are interesting. There is a lot of communication that goes on with professionals who do not see all of the labor that goes into the marketing and publications projects. These conversations are different from the ones with the professionals who are aware of the labor and hard work.


The three wonderful women I work with, Kim, Kate, and Aly, are knowledgeable and very interested in my multitude of questions. I pick their brains about post-grad ideas and current design projects. I play my station for them and sometimes we even sing along out loud. No one seems to mind. I love working with this organization. It is a welcoming, educational, and eclectic environment – and has made my senior year richer.