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November 29, 2010

Jola Teneqexhi: St. Vincent Hospital, Finance Department
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Interning at St. Vincent Hospital


Name: Jola Teneqexhi
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Major: Accounting
Internship Sponsor: St. Vincent Hospital, Finance Department


Primary Responsibilities:
As an intern in the Finance Department I enjoy the opportunity to observe a closer look at the culture and values of the organization.  My primary responsibilities are: completing a Monthly Operating Report (MOR), preparing invoices and statements, recording and keeping track of accounts in a general ledger, identifying total revenue and expenses of balance sheets, and making projections to determine how to increase total revenues in departments. I also have an opportunity to work with computer programs that are specifically designed for financial office use such as, MediTech and PeachTree.


Blog Entry:

I was very nervous starting the internship because I had not experienced the workflow of accounting in a business setting and I was concerned about being able to adapt to the organization. However, these feelings of emotion and nervousness did not prevent me from experiencing and accomplishing many aspects of accounting that will help me to become successful.


Throughout the period of my internship, I have worked on numerous tasks that have helped me gain a greater knowledge of how to complete each assignment successfully.  I have worked on generating daily projections with the CFO and analyzing if total revenue will meet expectations.  In addition, I have prepared invoices for companies that contain balances on their accounts.


After completing each assignment, my supervisor or my mentors examine my work and provide suggestions and feedback if improvement is necessary.  In this process of learning, I have realized that I perform effectively by receiving immediate feedback.
This internship experience has helped me gain an understanding of myself and made me feel confident about a career in accounting. I have learned that quality and quantity is a direct reflection of personal character and integrity. A productive worker with a strong work ethic takes the time to produce quality work and therefore has a higher chance of achieving career goals.

November 17, 2010

Danielle DeLaura: Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce
Interning for the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

Interning for the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


Name: Danielle DeLaura
Hometown: Gales Ferry, Connecticut
Major: Organizational Communication
Minor: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


Primary Responsibilities:
As a marketing and communications intern, I am primarily responsible for: creating press releases about past and upcoming events, writing, editing and updating information and graphics on the Chamber website; writing and editing news articles and maintaining social networking sites.


Blog Entry:
The most valuable part of interning at the Chamber of Commerce is being able to apply concepts and skills that I have learned in my communication and marketing classes to actual work responsibilities in a professional environment. Interning at the Chamber allows me to recognize that all my hard academic work has paid off -  and it’s extremely gratifying!


My internship provides opportunities for me to attend all of the many Chamber events. The most significant event I worked on and attended was the New England Business Expo where hundreds of companies came together to showcase their products and services. Attending this event gave me incredible networking opportunities and business experience that I had never been exposed to before.


While working at the Chamber I have developed a large portfolio of my writing and technical accomplishments.  I also am able to better identify the type of work environment I wish to be a part of in the future.


This internship is a vital piece of my educational experience at Assumption College – my internship has given me the opportunity to grow and transform into an Organizational Communication professional.

November 10, 2010

Patrick Donlin: Worcester Business Journal
Interning for the Worcester Business Journal

Interning for the Worcester Business Journal


Name: Patrick Donlin
Hometown: South Glastonbury, CT
Major: Organizational Communication
Internship Sponsor: The Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)


Primary Responsibilities:
As an intern in the Editorial Department at the WBJ, my responsibilities include: researching and writing brief articles covering a variety of business-related topics, uploading the latest editions of the WBJ on the website, and representing WBJ at local business events.


Blog Entry:
My internship at the WBJ has given me a dose of reality. As senior year winds down, my experience at the WBJ office grows invaluable. The time spent and knowledge gained during my internship has made me feel very comfortable entering an office setting after graduation.


I have had the opportunity to write my own column, The 101 Section.  My column offers important business tips specifically tailored to business leaders throughout our Central Massachusetts coverage area. For example, I have written about Business Plans, Leadership, Reference Checks, and MBA Programs. Seeing my name in print in a professional business journal every two weeks has been exciting!


I have also made important contributions to the production process. I have been handed assignments to take photographs in the field for articles and record and edit multi-media for the WBJ’s social networking sites.


My work at the WBJ has been a tremendous step forward in a potential career path. As I currently fill out applications for magazine jobs in New York City, I am confident that my position at the WBJ has set me up for success.

November 3, 2010

Meghan Gallagher: Worcester Business Journal
Interning for the Worcester Business Journal
Interning for the Worcester Business Journal


Name: Meghan Gallagher
Hometown: Upton, MA
Major: Management
Minor: International Business
Internship Sponsor: Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)


Primary Responsibilities:

At the Worcester Business Journal, I am the Events/Marketing intern. My primary responsibilities include: developing press releases for the events, managing registrations, creating invoices for WBJ clients, coordinating event mailings, creating media kits, securing speakers and sponsors for the events, and making updates to the event webpage. I also attend all of the events hosted by the WBJ and am responsible to set-up/break down the event and to assist with keeping the event on schedule. I have also learned to use the Marketing Manager software program.


Blog Entry:

My event planning tasks and experiences have improved my skills and confidence in communicating and engaging in conversation with other business professionals. These events, which are hosted for CEOs and Managers of companies in Central Massachusetts, have created valuable networking opportunities for me.


Before this internship opportunity, I had minimal experience with planning events. I was immediately given tasks to develop an agenda for the events and to contact potential sponsors and speakers. This internship has helped me grow in my written communication skills by providing me the opportunity to constantly write emails and press releases.


Being able to be hands-on in influencing, developing and implementing an event is rewarding and exciting. Some of the events that I have been involved with planning include: 40 CEO’s under the age of 40, the Massachusetts Energy Summit, Family Business Awards, Women in Business and The Business Expo.


I have experienced and seen the amount of time and effort that is put into planning these events, and although it may be stressful in the office prior to the events, seeing and hearing the attendees say it was a success is worth the hard work. I have enjoyed my internship with the WBJ and am excited to expand my career in event planning.

November 1, 2010

Shayne Saulnier: Tommy Doyle’s LLC/Celtic Partnership
Interning at Tommy Doyle’s LLC/Celtic Partnership

Interning at Tommy Doyle’s LLC/Celtic Partnership


Name: Shayne Saulnier
Hometown: Somerville, MA
Major: Organizational Communication
Internship Sponsor: Tommy Doyle’s LLC/Celtic Partnership


Primary Responsibilities: As an intern with upper level management at Tommy Doyle’s and the Celtic Partnership, I have been responsible for: the development of a weekly inventory system that reveals consumption, basic accounting- including the daily balancing of house money, weekly orders of all beverages, maintenance of the desired GP of sales, as well as the day-to-day operations of the business.


Blog Entry: Having the opportunity to intern for Tommy Doyle’s/Celtic Partnership has been a very worthwhile experience because restaurant management  is a possible career path.   I am receiving hands-on experience in managing a business which will ultimately help me decide if this career path is right for me.


I was given the developmental task of creating an inventory system using Microsoft Excel.  The completion of this task has made me feel that I have personally made a contribution that adds value to the business as a whole. I have learned how to manage resources to produce maximum profitability, as well as the proper way to efficiently maintain inventory, which helps keep costs moderate.


I value this internship and the experience I am getting will strengthen my management performance if I choose to follow this career path after graduation.