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October 18, 2010

Jessica Wolter: RDW Group Inc.
Interning at RDW Group Inc.
Interning at RDW Group Inc.


Name: Jessica Wolter
Hometown: Stonington, CT
Major: Organizational Communications
Internship Sponsor: RDW Group Inc.


Primary Responsibilities:

As a public relations intern at RDW Group, I am responsible for tasks such as: press releases, research, media lists, e-newsletters and projects for specific clients. My primary client is the Worcester Art Museum (WAM). RDW Group is the public relations, marketing and graphic design innovators for WAM and it is my job to focus on the “doing” or implementation part — such as writing press releases for upcoming events. These tasks play a large role in getting the word out to customers who would attend these events or media who would want to write about them.


Blog Entry:

Working for RDW Group has been a great experience. The people I work for are professional and treat me like an employee. My supervisor had confidence in my written communication skills and right away gave me substantial projects to work on, such as writing press releases and the e-newsletter. 


Although I was nervous to start the internship, I knew it would be very helpful to me in the long run. I have learned the basics of public relations that I will use when I graduate in an entry-level position in public relations. After working with professionals in the field I am most apt to pursue, I am confident that when I graduate from Assumption, I will succeed with any firm I choose.


I am now a more focused, organized, enthusiastic student because I know my experience as an intern has helped me to grow in these areas. I am more confident than ever that I will succeed in the future.

October 14, 2010

Ariel Scorpio: American Cancer Society
Interning at the American Cancer Society

Interning at the American Cancer Society


Name: Ariel Scorpio
Hometown: Chepachet, Rhode Island
Major: Business Management
Minors: Spanish and Economics
Internship Sponsor: American Cancer Society


Primary Responsibilities:
I am the marketing intern for Endurance Events at the American Cancer Society (ACS). I am responsible for developing the entire Relay for Life event at Assumption and the Hope on the Slopes event across New England. I assist with research and promotional ideas to guarantee that these events contribute to fundraising for the ACS goal of finding a cure for cancer.


Blog Entry:
My internship at ACS has allowed me to engage in strategic planning. I have discovered the significance of networking with individuals within and outside the ACS organization. For example, my meeting with Campus Ministry at Assumption College resulted in a Candlelight Mass to be held in honor of the messages that ACS embodies. The establishment of this professional relationship has produced outcomes beyond my expectations. I am also working with Student Activities and the Campus Activities Board to promote the Relay for Life event on campus.


Each fundraiser requires specific research to determine how the organization will be able to position itself in a new market. In addition, I have applied various endorsement ideas to attract participants and volunteers to these events. For instance, I am thinking of prizes that would attract the Assumption College student to participate in Relay for Life. Ideas include gift certificates to Target, Blue Jeans, and Wings over Worcester.


While working for a non-profit organization is a rewarding experience, it can be difficult to seek donations for sponsors. Even when donors are not reliable, I have still pushed forward by remembering the importance of the ACS goals. ACS is dedicated to saving lives, eliminating cancer, and reducing suffering caused by this disease.

October 6, 2010

Caitlin DeFerrari: Patelligence LLC.
At Patelligence LLC.

At Patelligence LLC.


Name: Caitlin DeFerrari
Hometown: Tewksbury, MA
Major: Marketing
Minor: Psychology
Internship Sponsor: Patelligence LLC.


Primary Responsibilities: My primary responsibilities include: managing all social media for the company on a daily basis, writing weekly blogs for the company and their client websites, creating advertisements and assisting in market research. My internship has also given me the opportunity to learn the field of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and to view and analyze the results of my market research efforts.


Blog Entry:


My experience with Patelligence has been very rewarding. Coming into this internship I knew I would gain valuable experience, but I could not imagine how many opportunities I would have to apply my communication/marketing skills and knowledge.


By the end of the first week, I sat in on the company’s creative brainstorming sessions and offered my opinions and suggestions for projects such as revising the company’s strategic marketing plan and the design of our new company logo.


By the end of the second week, I researched and and developed a target market for a mass email advertisement.


By the third week, I designed the email campaign by myself. I was taught to use programs that analyze and provide feedback on this email campaign.  The results showed success.  Our campaign reached 2,149 email accounts, and had a click-through rate of 5%, beating the industry average of 2.5%.  These results are seen in the chart in my blog picture.


Patelligence has given me the opportunity to gain real-world marketing experience. I have been able to work side-by- side and exchange ideas with graphic designers, web developers, and experienced Fortune 500 marketing professionals.


I will walk away from this internship with a portfolio of writing samples, email campaigns, and an internet marketing experience that will not only build my resume – but will have kick-started my career in marketing.