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April 26, 2010

Austin Potter: Small Business Service Bureau (SBSB)
Interning for the Small Business Service Bureau

Interning for the Small Business Service Bureau


Name: Austin Potter
Hometown: Cheshire, Connecticut
Major: Management
Minor: Chemistry
Internship Sponsor: Small Business Service Bureau (SBSB)


Primary Responsibilities:
As the Research Marketing Analyst Intern for the SBSB, I work in the Marketing and Legislative Affairs Department which develops web-based and print marketing communications material. I assist the Founder/Chairman in developing and writing news releases based on SBSB survey data and current news stories. My primary responsibilities are to: track legislation and write small business issue briefs, monitor online intelligence, help to develop online advertisements for the SBSB Bulletin, and help to develop and implement Social Media plans.

Blog Entry:
With plans to attend graduate school for an MBA in Health Care Management, I have the opportunity to follow legislative affairs in Health Care Reform that affects small business. Working side by side with the Founder & Chairman, Mr. Carroll, I have had the opportunity to study the politics that will greatly affect our entire health care system.

I am fortunate to have this internship experience because it is so closely related to my professional interests. With this internship, I have recently found that I may be most interested in a career that mixes my interest in healthcare with my experience in student government/government relations. I would like to pursue the position of Government and Community Relations in either a hospital or health insurance agency. 

This new career objective has developed through assisting the marketing department in putting together their monthly ballot and bulletin that is sent out to all of their members around the world. These documents inform their members on what hot topics are beings discussed on Capitol Hill. Having already interned at a hospital this past summer, this opportunity at the SBSB will further prepare me for my graduate studies.

Kristin Walsh: American Cancer Society
Interning for the American Cancer Society

Interning for the American Cancer Society


Name: Kristin Elizabeth Walsh
Hometown: Simsbury, CT
Major: Organizational Communication
Internship Sponsor: American Cancer Society

Primary Responsibilities:

As the American Cancer Society Marketing Intern for Endurance Events, I play a vital role in the coordination of details for two major events in New England. I ensure these events are exciting and successful through the development of a network of participants and volunteers. I assist, manage, recruit, explore and research all possible ways to promote our events and publicize our company name and reputation. The success of planning these events is vital for cancer research and treatment.

Blog Entry:

While interning for a non-profit organization, I have had the opportunity to work alongside my supervisor on a major fundraising event; Bicycles Battling Cancer.

I have experienced the tricky art of requesting donations, the satisfaction of participating in an advertising meeting with a major sponsor, and the challenges that come with recruiting and communicating in an influential manner. With these experiences I have learned to always be organized, to speak effectively and respectfully, and to never, under any circumstances, give up!

It is a pure joy to have developed positive relationships, both internally and externally, through the American Cancer Society. I now understand the importance of communication and the results that can come from communicating successfully. I look forward to graduating this spring with confidence and commitment.

April 23, 2010

Katie DiCioccio: Assumption College Office of Public Affairs
Interning for the Assumption College Public Affairs Office
Interning for the Assumption College Public Affairs Office


Name: Katie DiCioccio
Hometown: Wappingers Falls, New York
Major: Organizational Communication
Internship Sponsor: Assumption College Public Affairs Office


Primary Responsibilities:

 My internship semester has given me the opportunity to develop a strong career portfolio of writing samples and projects with faculty profile pieces, media alerts, memos, advertising mailings and press releases. This internship also requires me to interview fellow students, faculty and alumni, as well as attend strategic meetings to coordinate upcoming campus events and publications.


Blog Entry:
Being able to intern in the Public Affairs Office at Assumption College has given me a valuable opportunity to utilize and expand my professional writing and verbal communication skills.

My main role in the office is to prepare for the college’s upcoming production of OLIVER! With the performances quickly approaching, I have been working on promotional tools as well as the playbill to make this show as large of a success as possible.


Because I am extremely busy as an intern, I have experienced a deep need to multi-task on my many different projects for the Public Affairs Office. As hectic as this has become, it always leads to a fulfilling feeling at the end of each workday from knowing I have added value to the mission of the college.

Christiana Fabiano: Worcester Business Journal
At the Worcester Business Journal
At the Worcester Business Journal


Name: Christina Fabiano
Hometown: Westwood, MA
Major: Marketing
Expected Year of Graduation: 2010
Internship Sponsor: The Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)

Primary Responsibilities:

At the Worcester Business Journal I have had the opportunity to work in both the Editorial Department and the Marketing and Events Department. My primary responsibilities in each department include: collecting and compiling data into spreadsheets or Magazine Manager, creating media kits, updating the website’s events calendar, researching information for the newspaper and working at business events. I was even assigned the task to write a brief article.

Blog Entry:

My experience at the WBJ has been a fulfilling one. I have seen firsthand all the time and effort that goes into planning business events and the networking opportunities that come along with them.


Initially, I was scheduled to intern for the Marketing and Events Department, however I was also provided the opportunity to work in the Editorial Department for half of the semester. I am grateful for the chance to have done so because it sparked an interest in writing that I would not have explored had I not done this internship.


Having an article published was a highlight experience at the WBJ. I  researched and wrote about the topic of Employee Engagement. In today’s business world, top management is becoming more aware of the importance of employee engagement and how vital it is to becoming a successful company. In the article, I offered tips for companies to follow that will help foster better employee interaction, along with quotes from successful business leaders. I am grateful for this internship opportunity and now feel more confident as I step into the real world.

April 20, 2010

Bronson Zawaduk: AspenCross Financial Group
At the AspenCross Financial Office
At the AspenCross Financial office


Name: Bronson Zawaduk
Hometown: Truro, MA
Major: Business Management
Minor: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Aspen Cross Financial Group, Member of the John Hancock Network


Primary Responsibilities:
As a Marketing Intern, I work in a contiguous manner with the Director of Marketing in identifying, researching and analyzing target market opportunities for the agency. My primary responsibilities are: assisting in the design and implementation of strategic marketing plans and public relations that effectively promote the agency in specific target markets.


Blog Entry:
Stepping into the business world for the first time at AspenCross, I had no idea what to expect. I had mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness. I was nervous to see if my decision in choosing a career in business would be the right decision for me.


Thrillingly, I believe I did make the right choice to be in the business environment because I like the aspect of the work itself and the feeling of a sense of accomplishment. This decision has paid off very well because I am feeling confident about getting a job. I feel that I am much more prepared and have developed greater knowledge, technical skills and confidence as a result of my internship.


By interning at AspenCross and entering into the “real world”, I have come to realize that material and text in classrooms can only take you so far and that the business environment is a completely different realm. I am gaining a broader education by completing detailed business projects and learning distinctive material that you cannot learn in a classroom. I work with computer programs that are specifically designed for business companies including Smart Office. I am also gaining technical skills by using programs such as Microsoft Excel at advanced levels.

April 19, 2010

Caron Grealish: Clear Channel Worcester WSRS/WTAG
At the Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce Open for Business Expo
At the Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce Open for Business Expo


Name: Caron Grealish
Hometown: North Attleboro, MA
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Clear Channel Worcester WSRS/WTAG


Primary Responsibilities:
At my internship I have learned about many aspects of the radio-media world. .  My main responsibility is the coordination of a station sponsorship which entails organizing an advertisement trade agreement and planning for station give-aways at the event.

I am in charge of keeping the budget charts up-to-date and creating prize sheets for on-air winners.  I have also developed radio commercials for advertisers.


Blog Entry:
My internship at Clear Channel Worcester has provided me with the opportunity to assess the capabilities I possess so that I can be successful in a business environment.  The internship has also provided me with personal insights about the necessity of adapting quickly within an organization.

I worked with the Sales Department and assisted many of the sales reps with background market research.  Learning more about the behind-the-scenes aspect showed me that sales is not my strong suit.

I was then assigned to coordinate tasks for the Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce Expo event.  This opportunity made me realize that I am much more interested in planning and coordinating.

When I started this internship I was unsure of where in the field of marketing I wanted to specialize; during my time at Clear Channel I have developed a feel for my skills, knowledge and confidence level.

April 13, 2010

Cori Schollard: AspenCross Financial Group
At the AspenCross Financial office

At the AspenCross Financial office


Name: Cori Schollard
Hometown: Oxford, MA
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: AspenCross Financial


Primary Responsibilities: As in intern at AspenCross Financial, I work directly with the Marketing Manager on marketing projects. My primary responsibilities include: researching information on towns to produce books that representatives use for marketing purposes, creating designs for fliers, and inputting data for recruiting processes and for client broker changes.


Blog Entry: Working at AspenCross Financial has given me a real feel for what it is like to work in a business environment, and has shown me what a marketing manager does on the job every day. I have learned to take a marketing project and work on it independently. I have also been able to gain new skills in researching and working with Excel.


I have worked independently while researching information on towns to produce books that representatives use when they are targeting potential clients. The book is composed of a lot of information and data so it is a significant project. It has taught me to come into work and be independent in knowing what needs to get done. When I have completed a book, I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

April 12, 2010

Melissa Cinar: Worcester Business Journal
At the Worcester Business Journal
At the Worcester Business Journal


Name: Melissa Cinar
Hometown: Belmont, MA
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)


Primary Responsibilities:
As an intern in the Editorial and Marketing Departments at the Worcester Business Journal, my responsibilities include: formulating briefs about press releases, updating the calendar of events and spreadsheets, collecting data, preparing media kits for potential sponsors, and helping my supervisors with upcoming events.


Blog Entry:
The Worcester Business Journal is a friendly environment that has allowed me to apply the knowledge and skills that I have acquired at Assumption College. Working in both the Editorial Department and Marketing and Events Department has given me the chance to see what goes into a large production like the Worcester Business Journal.  I have been able to watch the many steps in all of the departments that collaborate to make the paper and business events successful.


One of my first tasks at my internship was to go through recent press releases that they had received and formulate briefs that would appear in the upcoming paper. At first I was nervous, knowing that my work would be part of such a well-known newspaper. However, after receiving the first publication copy of the paper with my contributions, I felt a sense of accomplishment and that my work was valued and important.  I will be able to use my experience at this internship and the networking resources that I have gained to further my career in the marketing field.

April 6, 2010

Amy Looney: AspenCross Financial Group

At the AspenCross Financial Group office


Name: Amy Looney
Hometown: Wakefield, MA
Major: Organizational Communication
Internship Sponsor: AspenCross Financial Group, Member of the John Hancock Financial Network


Primary Responsibilities: As a marketing intern, I work closely with the marketing manager for AspenCross and the financial advisors. I am responsible for: creating seminar booklets, town research guides for new agents and personal information packets for existing clients, as well as other small projects. I have composed Excel sheets to update client information and have done extensive market research for advisors before they enter a new market.   
Blog Entry: This internship gives me the opportunity to experience the “real work world” which we, as seniors, will all be entering soon.
It was one of my first days at AspenCross and I was a little nervous, rightfully so, when my supervisor asked me to research a new target market for an agent who was entering a new market. With my business and marketing classes I have taken, I felt comfortable to complete this job. I feel prepared to enter the workforce because as each day passes at my internship, I use concepts and ideas that I have learned in the classroom.
My responsibilities do not stop at marketing. I have been asked to proofread and edit memos for financial advisors. While doing this I could not help but think about my Business and Technical Writing class that I took last semester where I learned how to format and write all types of business memos.
I also get a sense of accomplishment when I see the CEO and upper level managers in the company using my seminar books that I, as an intern, developed and put together. This internship is giving me the hands-on experience that is essential for entering the workforce.

Gina Souza: Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

At the the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


Name: Gina Souza
Hometown: Lunenburg, MA
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


Primary Responsibilities:
It’s always busy being a Marketing & Communications intern. My everyday activities include everything from writing and editing articles for the Chamber’s newsletter and press releases, to developing surveys and contacting members for market research. I also help market upcoming events through email blasts and postings on the Chamber’s website.


Blog Entry:
Aside from what I do on a day-to-day basis, I get the unique opportunity to attend all of the Chamber events which include informational events about topics such as health care and insurance. I also attend networking events such as Business After Hours which are held at restaurants throughout the Worcester regional area. At those events I meet business people from some of Worcester’s most prominent organizations and hear them share their stories. I also attend events like the Breakfast Club which honors companies for great achievements and milestones. At the most recent event, I event had the opportunity to meet the president of the Boston Celtics!


My internship with the Chamber is an exciting way to obtain hands-on experience in marketing and publicizing a business. I use tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as programs that are completely new to me such as WordPress and Zoomerang. It’s a job that changes every day depending on what’s happening within the business, and I feel like I’m constantly developing my skills within the workplace. I can’t wait to apply all this knowledge to a job in the real world.

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