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March 26, 2010

Laurie Hardy: Central Massachussetts Convention Center and Visitors Bureau
At the Central Massachussetts Convention Center and Visitors Bureau

At the Central Massachussetts Convention Center and Visitors Bureau

Name: Laurie Hardy
Hometown, State: Norwood, Massachusetts
Major: Management
Internship sponsor: Central Massachusetts Convention Center and Visitors Bureau (CMCVB)


As an intern at CMCVB my primary responsibilities include: Marketing and promoting Central Massachusetts as the ideal tourist destination, establishing and maintaining relationships with and among businesses of Central Massachusetts, and supporting the businesses of Central Massachusetts by:

  • Coordinating networking events and informational seminars
  • Providing affordable advertising opportunities

Blog Entry:


As an intern at the Central Massachusetts Visitors Bureau, I have encountered many situations where I have needed to effectively communicate with fellow employees and clients. Recently, I was assigned the task of selling advertising packages to clients. In order to make a successful sale, I needed to develop a strong, concise, sales pitch that encompassed all of CMCVB’s advertising benefits. Although sales are tough in this economy, I was able to interest many of our members in purchasing advertising packages. I left my day at CMCVB feeling a strong sense of my achievement.


This sense of achievement furthered my interest in sales and made me feel confident in pursuing a career in a competitive sales environment. Through my internship experience, I have learned that a strong work ethic, determination, and communication skills are essential to be successful in not only sales, but in any career path I choose to pursue.

March 23, 2010

Matthew Garlin:

Interning for

Name: Matthew Garlin
Hometown: Beverly, MA
Major: Organizational Communications
Internship Sponsor:


Primary Responsibilities: is an online film production company which was founded by an Assumption graduate.  I have drafted a new mission statement to focus the company. I have also written numerous press releases and targeted them to various media channels to help publicize the company. I am working to build interest in the film company here at Assumption and to develop a constituency base.


Blog Entry:


Working as a publicist for an online film company, I have learned what it takes to really make it in any kind of career field. I have found that it’s not as easy as I figured. It required me to be on my game and know what I want and need to do. I have found that I can’t just do adequate work and that it will be approved. One of those moments came when I got my press release back and was told to rewrite it. I find that I have more understanding, as well as knowledge, about who I have to be if I want to pursue a career as a publicist.

March 22, 2010

Tim Asselin: Aflac
At the Aflac office

At the Aflac office


Name: Tim Asselin
Hometown: Springfield, MA
Major: Business Management
Internship Sponsor: Aflac


Roles and Responsibilities:

To provide a basic understanding of Aflac insurance products to potential customers and to market these products. I am responsible for: identifying potential business clients, establishing a sales plan and conducting sales presentations. I will also prepare for the accident, life, and health insurance license in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Blog Entry:

At Aflac, I have been introduced to a whole new experience. I have been able to take the knowledge I have learned in my Marketing on the Internet course here at Assumption and transfer these skills to my internship. I have been able to use strategies such as targeted e-marketing to find and reach new potential customers. My internship is a real world experience that  complements my classroom experience.


I am viewed as an employee in the office; my workload is very similar to sales associates. Everyone in the office is very nice and more than willing to assist me.

March 19, 2010

Michael Smith: Assumption College Office of Public Affairs
At the Assumption College Public Affairs office

At the Assumption College Public Affairs office


Name: Michael Smith
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Major: Management
Internship Sponsor: Assumption College Public Affairs Office


Primary Responsibilities:

At the Office of Public Affairs, I am responsible for researching and writing articles, profiles and press releases for the Assumption website and magazine. This job also requires me to interview fellow students, faculty and alumni, as well as coordinate various projects and events that take place around campus and in the Worcester community.

Blog Entry:

This internship at the Office of Public Affairs has been a great way to gain hands-on experience and actually apply class concepts outside of the classroom. As a management major and mathematics minor, I am now getting a chance to also develop my English, writing and communication abilities. Communication skills learned during my marketing and management classes have allowed me to conduct meaningful interviews with fellow students and faculty, and to keep the audience interested and attentive when speaking. These skills also have allowed me to clearly define the target audience, and to write articles/profiles for publication with clarity and conciseness, making every single word valuable.

It is not about just getting through my day of work; my internship is valuable because it allows me to diversify myself and become flexible. I look forward to my internship because there are so many beneficial skills that I take away from the experience.

March 18, 2010

Nathan Wakefield: Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce
At the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce office

At the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce office

Name: Nathan Wakefield
Hometown: Walpole, MA
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


Roles and Responsibilities:


As a marketing and communication intern at the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, my responsibilities include: writing, editing, and designing press releases, blast emails, website spotlights, newsletters, fliers, programs, brochures, the membership directory, and other miscellaneous materials.  I continually update the chamber website, Twitter, and Facebook pages.  I have also been responsible for conducting a telemarketing survey designed to stretch the reach  and improve the functions of the chamber.

Blog Entry:

While working with the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, I have seen first hand what being a marketing and communications professional entails.  There are many tasks and projects (listed above) and I have been given a lot of autonomy and responsibility.

I have been able to use knowledge I have learned in marketing management, public relations, business research, and  communication courses to complete my job assignments and to develop relationships with Worcester business professionals  and the wider business communities.

This internship is an added dimension of my Assumption College education which will continue to mold me into a successful business professional.

March 3, 2010

Julie Morrison: Hanover Theatre

At the Hanover Theatre office

Name: Julie Morrison
Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Major: English
Internship Sponsor: The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts


Roles and Responsibilities:


As an intern in the Marketing Department at The Hanover Theatre, my responsibilities include: distributing promotional materials; coordinating media advertising placements; updating the website and social media accounts; fostering positive relationships with local businesses such as restaurant owners and advertisers; customizing online marketing and PR checklists for each new show; drafting press releases; tracking advertising and marketing expenses; gathering and filing information for marketing settlements; answering frequently asked questions and issues via email and phone contact; researching potential businesses for added advertisement; and coordinating continued progress on ongoing projects with other interns.


  Blog Entry:


As a marketing intern with the Hanover Theatre, I am gaining insight into the marketing side of theater performances and all of the background work that goes into making a theatre of this caliber work. The Hanover Theatre is a fast-paced environment with a small staff who work to make sure that each day at the Hanover presents us with new challenges.


As an English major, I have a strong background in writing and performance, so my skill set is used effectively in the drafting of press releases and articles. Recently, I updated the Hanover Theatre’s website to be more user-friendly and cohesive with the goal of boosting the site’s visitor count.


This internship is a great opportunity to learn every aspect of working for a theater organization, as well as a great way to meet new people and become involved in the Central Massachusetts community.