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February 23, 2010

Alexandra Scouras: Precision Marketing Group
At the Precision Marketing Group office
At the Precision Marketing Group office


Name: Alexandra Scouras
Hometown: Upton, MA
Major: Business Management
Internship Sponsor: Precision Marketing Group, LLC

Primary Responsibilities:


As an intern at Precision Marketing Group, LLC, my responsibilities include: researching new target markets for the company, creating a marketing list of potential clients, contacting and arranging speaking opportunities at local organizations, researching social media marketing, and helping with the Precision Marketing Group website conversion.


Blog Entry:


I have the opportunity to experience the small business world up close and personal and enjoy face-to-face interactions with employees and clients. This creates a more dynamic and exciting environment.


As an inbound marketing consultant, I apply the concepts and skills I acquired in my Principles of Marketing and Marketing Management courses. One of the main concepts is to thoroughly define the target market of a business. During my time with Precision Marketing Group, I have taken an in-depth look at the technology, manufacturing, and building service markets, where the company is looking to expand. This task was a huge eye opener to the vast amount of information available for the company to use for their research benefits.


I am also researching social media marketing. This area includes using Face Book, Twitter, and blogging to market a business. Many businesses have begun using these types of marketing to increase customer awareness. Precision Marketing Group wants to move into this area and offer these services to their clients.


Working with the Precision Marketing Group has allowed me to see what owning and operating a successful business entails. I have gained a great deal of new skills that I will take with me as I make my way into the real world.

February 16, 2010

Kevin Grayson: Aflac
At the Aflac office
At the Aflac office

Name: Kevin Grayson

Hometown: Tewksbury, MA

Major: Business Management

Internship Sponsor: Aflac (American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus)


Primary Responsibilities: My primary responsibility is to provide a basic understanding of Aflac insurance products to potential customers, and market these products. I will be responsible for: identifying potential business clients, establishing a sales plan, and conducting sales presentations. I will also be preparing for the accident, life, and health insurance license in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


As a Marketing Management intern at Aflac, I will be gaining hands-on experience in the world of sales and marketing. With the responsibilities that I have been handed, such as targeting and contacting potential customers and obtaining new accounts, I will be learning vital business communication and analytical skills


Blog Entry: I see this internship as a great opportunity for me to learn in an environment in which I essentially have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. What better situation could I find myself in? So with that, I will be making the most out of every day and every hour as a marketing management intern.


Since my first day at Aflac, I have been warmly accepted as a vital member of their team of sales associates. I plan on using my knowledge from my capstone marketing and management courses here at Assumption College to significantly contribute to the Aflac team, as well as being a focused student of the business environment that influences Aflac.

February 4, 2010

Lauren Reilly: 3Com Corporation
At the 3Com Corporation office

At the 3Com Corporation office

Name: Lauren Reilly
Hometown: Leominster, Massachusetts
Major: Accounting
Minor: Finance
Internship Sponsor: 3Com Corporation


Primary Responsibilities:
As a tax intern at 3Com Corporation, I am responsible for assisting the director and manager responsible for the company’s state and federal tax returns for the fiscal year ending in May of 2010. I am also assisting in the settlement of inter-company balances which require creating, maintaining, and updating several schedules on Excel.


 Blog Entry:
As a college junior, it is a scary idea to think about applying subjects I have learned in the classroom to a real world setting. This is especially scary as an accounting major.


I have been successful in completing projects because I have been given just the right amount of background information from my supervisors, which leaves plenty of room for me to return with questions. I have learned through this experience that having the ability to ask questions is the best way to understand the task at hand. I feel this quality is valuable in pursuing a career in the accounting industry.


I have worked on many projects that have required me to use Excel in a much greater capacity than I have in the past, and to learn new programs that relate to the company’s general ledger accounts. I have also participated in meetings to learn how individuals in my department relate to other professionals in the organization.