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December 14, 2009

Kristen Hartka: Worcester Sharks
Interning for the Sharks
Interning for the Sharks


Name:  Kristen Hartka

Hometown:  Wilmington, MA

Major:  Organizational Communication

Location:  Worcester Sharks American Hockey League (AHL)


Roles and Responsibilities:


In addition to working every home game for the fall 2009 season, I have drafted and reviewed sponsorship proposals, updated the Sharks website, created Excel sheets to update customer information, coordinated a promotional campaign with local movie theaters to promote our January 31, 2010 game, worked with the Birthday Club and researched marketing tools to raise awareness and interest in the Sharks organization.


Blog Entry:


As a corporate sales/marketing intern with the Worcester Sharks, I have gained insight into the production of a sports organization. The Worcester Sharks is a fast-paced environment with a small staff so there are always tasks to accomplish for the day. I have worked in multiple departments helping with projects and preparing for home game operations. My classes in the Organizational Communication major, such as Interpersonal Communication and Strategic Managerial Communication, have prepared me to communicate effectively to be successful in this position.


This internship transcends the marketing field into public relations, community relations, and corporate partnership relations. It is a great opportunity to learn every aspect of working for a sports organization, as well as a great way to meet new people and become involved in the Central Massachusetts community.

December 10, 2009

Kristen Proscia: City Living Magazine

Name: Kristen Proscia
Hometown: Chelmsford, MA
Major: Marketing
Expected Year of Graduation: 2010
Internship Sponsor: City Living Magazine


Primary Responsibilities:
As a marketing intern for City Living Magazine, I am assigned multiple tasks, including: researching potential products to feature in upcoming issues, e-mailing and contacting PR companies, writing articles, researching local events, and building new contacts for the magazine. 


Blog Entry:
Being an intern for City Living Magazine, a part of CLM Media Inc., has allowed me to take the many lessons that I have learned in my marketing courses and apply them to the job. 


In my Marketing on the Internet course, I have been able to connect the concepts and ideas discussed and relate them to the work that I perform at City Living Magazine. Many of my assignments involve utilizing the internet as an important tool, either by researching upcoming events and new products that can be featured in the next issue, or contacting PR companies about products. This experience has provided me with a better understanding of how advertising agencies market their clients’ products to consumers on the worldwide web.


I have recently been assigned to write an article about high- end jewelry items for the holiday season that will be featured in the December/January issue. This gives me the opportunity to showcase my writing skills and add to my portfolio.


My internship has been a highly positive experience; I encourage all students to seek out an internship that interests them and take advantage of the Internship in Business course at Assumption College.

December 7, 2009

Dan Bierfeldt: Worcester Business Journal

Name: Dan Bierfeldt
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Major: International Business/Spanish
Internship Sponsor: Worcester Business Journal


Primary Responsibilities:
As an intern in the Editorial Department at The Worcester Business Journal, my responsibilities include: compiling background research for staff writers, maintaining the website’s calendar of events, formulating regional briefs and press releases, and writing short articles covering a variety of business-related topics.


Blog Entry:
The thought of transitioning from 16 years as a student to being a professional is downright scary.  No amount of time in the classroom can replace the kind of practical knowledge that only comes from real experience.  My internship at the WBJ has acted as a litmus test to help me gauge where I am in terms of being ready for this next big transition, and has eased some of the stress that goes along with it.

Being successful early in your career is all about turning theory into practice.  On my very first day I was asked to format a fairly complex spreadsheet using Excel.  This would have been a nearly impossible task to do by myself, had I not already spent many hours studying this exact program for my Computer Science course.


As a business major, I have been introduced to countless theories about managerial techniques.  I was pleased, and somewhat surprised, to find that it was possible to clearly and unambiguously identify the use of some of these management techniques and leadership styles at my internship site.  It is refreshing to know that my theoretical knowledge base has actual relevance in the real world.

December 4, 2009

Ashley Proietti: American Cancer Society
At the American Cancer Society office
At the American Cancer Society office

Name: Ashley Proietti
Hometown: Lunenburg, MA
Major: Management
Expected year of graduation: 2010
Internship Sponsor: American Cancer Society


Blog Entry:

Interning with the American Cancer Society is a life changing and irreplaceable experience.  It has given me the opportunity to help people suffering with cancer by using the communication and research skills I have learned in the classroom.


I have gathered a variety of research for the upcoming endurance events of “Spin for Hope” and “Bikes Battling Cancer”.  The research I find and organize will be used to plan and execute these upcoming events in the spring. I will be able to see all my work for “Bikes Battling Cancer” and “Spin for Hope” come together.  I also perform telemarketing.  I call gyms and bike shops in the New England area to recruit volunteers and participants for events.


Having this internship has given me a chance to demonstrate my skills, knowledge, and confidence; build my resume and create a portfolio.  These elements are extremely important to succeed in the increasingly competitive world of business.

Drew Guarino: Assumption College Admissions Office
Filming a Video for Admissions

Filming a Video for Admissions

Name: Drew Guarino
Hometown: Reading, MA
Major: Organizational Communication
Expected Year of Graduation: 2010
Internship Sponsor: Assumption College Admissions Office



Primary Responsibilities

As the Assumption College Enrollment Management Intern, I am responsible for representing Assumption at high school and college fairs.  I assist at Saturday informational sessions for prospective students and their families, as well as conduct interviews with potential students.  I also help manage the Accepted Students web site.




Blog Entry

My internship has been an excellent opportunity for me to showcase what I have learned at Assumption.  I am able to see the concepts that have been discussed in classes applied in a real work environment.  My organizational communication background has provided me with the necessary tools to develop as a worker in a dynamic organization.


In Communication Theory, we discussed communication theories and principles in business environments. Determining how to effectively organize my thoughts and relay them to a prospective student is apparent in my student interviews.  The Admissions Office takes my impressions of students seriously and even includes my interview notes in these student applications. 


Currently, I am enrolled in the Business Internship class where we analyze the organizational culture of a company.  At the Admissions Office, I feel like a natural fit. The organization prides itself on teamwork and creativity and as a result, I have flourished. It is a great feeling to know that my opinion is valued in the effort to get students interested in attending Assumption College.


My experience at the Admissions Office has made me realize that I would like to work for a college upon graduation. With my unique views of the college admissions process as a high school student, college student, and now as an Enrollment Management Intern, I have a complete perspective of Admissions work.