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November 24, 2015

Greg Arnold: Country Junkie Nation
Interning at Country Junkie Nation.

Interning at Country Junkie Nation.


Name: Greg Arnold

Hometown: Westborough, MA

Major: Organizational Communication

Internship Sponsor: Country Junkie Nation


My primary responsibilities as a digital marketing intern include:

  • Managing the company’s social media accounts
  • Publishing blogs, photo galleries, and videos on the company blog
  • Developing and implement digital marketing plans
  • Leading street team at concerts and other events


Blog Entry

Country Junkie Nation is a national leader in country music and patriotic-themed apparel. The online retailer was started in 2014 and has since sold apparel in all 50 states and multiple countries overseas.


Working at Country Junkie Nation has allowed me to execute the communication and marketing skills that I have leaned in my classes in a real world setting, and has also provided an in-depth look at an entrepreneurial setting. Working closely with the co-founders of the company allows me to bounce ideas off  of them and receive immediate feedback. The open communication throughout the company has proven to be the perfect setting for advancing my skills.


The marketing aspect of the internship correlates well with my studies, but my favorite part is running the company blog. Having the opportunity to write about country music – something I’m passionate about – through music and concert reviews, general news, and interviews, has been beyond satisfying. Blogging has improved my writing to make it more concise and placed an increased emphasis on creating content under time constraints.



November 16, 2015

Jia Min Hung: Office of Communications, Assumption College



Name: Jia Min Hung

Hometown: Pawtucket, RI

Major: Organizational Communication and Mass Communications

Internship Sponsor: Office of Communications, Assumption College


As the Public and Mass Communications Intern, my responsibilities include:


  • Implementing proposals written by the Office of Communications staff to create visual branding elements of campaigns
  • Writing stories for the Assumption website to generate public awareness of events
  • Promoting and planning Assumption College events
  • Creating a marketing strategy plan for the Pirates of Penzance event to a large audience and revenue


Blog Entry:


The Office of Communications is the information hub for the Assumption College community; their functions include: developing press relations, interviewing guests, publishing news stories on Assumption’s website, and populating social media.


I am developing a marketing strategy to promote the spring musical, Pirates of Penzance to generate revenue for the college. Some ideas in my marketing strategy plan include combining Assumption College’s annual Duck Day in April with an arts and craft event when students, friends of Assumption College, and faculty make waterproof origami pirate boats to sail across the pond. The boat that is the fastest to travel the pond, and covers a greater distance from the start, will win a free ticket to the Pirates of Penzance event! Another idea is having a “message in a bottle” event on campus in February when everyone can record a message or a wish to be mailed to the person of their choice.


I am out on campus actively gathering content for social media campaigns and creating press releases. I was asked to attend the annual Gelato Tasting, which promotes the Rome campus to prospective students, to collect quotes and stories from the host of the event and the students who have studied in Rome.. Being there in person really helped me write a journalistic article for that event!


This internship has taught me a lot about how to handle assignments and projects. Sometimes we are not told in advance what we would be covering—and we have to just go with the flow and adapt—and become quick-change artists on our internships.

Nicholas Guarino: Assumption College Athletic Department



Name: Nicholas Guarino

Hometown: Avon, CT

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: Assumption College Athletic Department


As the Marketing Intern, my responsibilities include:


  • Creating marketing campaigns for athletic events, including: concepts, signage, social media, and implementation of campaigns
  • Attending all events to implement and evaluate marketing campaigns
  • Designing promotional materials including: posters, flyers, etc. using both Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Developing new marketing ideas with the department’s head coaches for the promotion of their teams.
  • Providing weekly updates on events and promotional programs


Blog Entry

At Assumption College Athletics we follow a process to ensure an event reaches the highest level of marketing success. I meet every week with the Assistant Director of Athletics, Directors of Marketing, the Director of Communication, another intern, and students from the sports marketing class. The diversity of backgrounds provides a very open and productive discussion during our meetings. I find this type of meeting to be a good experience with high creativity levels and collaborative planning.


I have learned how to execute a marketing plan during athletic events.  I also learned how not only to improvise, but that improvising is constantly necessary. Quick turnaround times for graphics, as well as deadlines, are also good learning experiences.


At a home football game we had a relay race set up for the half time event. The problem was it was like all the other relay races – put on a jersey, run to half field, and catch a pass. The day before the game we suggested to have dizzy bat at the beginning of the race and it absolutely made the experience. Kids were falling left and right while running! It made for a standout event!

Marisa Halpin: Center for Nonviolent Solutions

HalpincropName: Marisa Halpin

Hometown: Wilbraham, MA

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies, Marketing

Internship Sponsor: Center for Nonviolent Solutions


As the Operations Intern, my responsibilities include:


  • Assisting in creating and implementing marketing strategies for fundraisers and awareness events
  • Updating and revising the website on a weekly basis to include new pictures, videos, and information
  • Increasing awareness of the issue of violence through reaching out to the community for support via newsletters, Facebook, email, and events

Blog Entry:

The Center for Nonviolent Solutions is a fairly new non-profit organization located in Worcester, MA. The mission of The Center is to provide education and resources to help people in the Worcester Area understand nonviolence and peacemaking as a way of life and to reject the use of violence in resolving conflict.


As the operations intern, the primary event that I was fortunate to work on was the Way of Nonviolence event. We hosted a dinner at Union Station, which included a dialogue with a Right Livelihood Award recipient. My tasks included: getting a reporter to the event, giving presentations about the event to different groups, as well as writing a press release and dispersing it to local news channels. This event meant so much to me because I was given the responsibility to achieve these tasks, and I was able to participate in it all coming together in a meaningful event.

My internship has taught me what it is really like to work doing all the “behind the scenes” operations for a non-profit organization. Unlike corporate organizations, non-profits usually have less resources and funds to be able to accomplish their goals. It is essential for each employee to work diligently and be willing to take on more than one role within the organization. I am thankful for my wonderful mentor, Executive Director Christa Drew, for helping me each and every day to develop my skills that are needed to work in this important area.


November 12, 2015

Gianna Moscillo: Assumption College Graduate Enrollment Office
Interning with the Assumtpion College Graduate Enrollment Office

Interning with the Assumption College Graduate Enrollment Office


Name: Gianna Moscillo

Hometown: Clinton, MA

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Psychology

Internship Sponsor: Assumption College Graduate Enrollment Office


As the Graduate Enrollment Intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Researching  graduate programs at local colleges to stay relevant and competitive in the eyes of prospective applicants.
  • Compiling databases of information about current application deadlines and procedures, as well as competitive graduate programs in the area.
  • Auditing content for social media channels and the graduate program website to determine what changes should be made to enhance performance.



Blog Entry:

Assumption College’s Graduate Enrollment Office is comprised of a small group of professionals who work together to attract potential graduate program students through generating awareness of our six graduate-level programs  and through expanding awareness of the college’s mission.


As an intern, I have observed how a tactical plan gets executed from start to finish:  from the beginning research stage, where I contribute most heavily by auditing online content as well as compiling databases through Microsoft Excel, all the way to the implementation stage, where new materials are rolled out to better market our graduate programs.  I  greatly value being able to learn from and gain feedback from my supervisor in this process.


This internship has given me a unique view about how an educational institution markets itself to potential applicants and students.  It has helped me utilize my communication, marketing and technical skills, which I have developed through previous work experience, as well as in my communication, marketing and management courses.

April 24, 2015

David M Brittain Jr.: Carroll Enterprises
Interning with Carroll Enterprises.

Interning with Carroll Enterprises.


Name: David M Brittain Jr.

Hometown: Ashburnham Ma

Major: Business Management

Minor: English, Writing

Certificate: Accounting

Internship Sponsor: Carroll Enterprises; Small Business Insurance Agency


As a Sales Coordinator/Analyst my primary responsibilities include:

  • Tracking and updating leads into AMS360 (CRM System)
  • Communicate and interact with Agency’s Sales Team for weekly updates and progress
  • Generating weekly sales report for analysis of sales team’s weekly progress
  • Testing and reporting upon the overall functionality of the new insurance quoting web sites  (documenting and communicating software bugs)
  • Creating documentation of prospect records for analysis (analysis includes reports on consumer loyalties, product type & consumer age)

Blog Entry:

Carrol Enterprises is a company comprised of several wholly-owned subsidiaries, including the Small Business Insurance Agency (SBIA). The SBIA is a one stop shop for small business with services including health, life, long-term care, disability, dental, property & casualty insurance, retirement, 401(K). The Agency’s sales representatives are responsible for making contact with, evaluating, and notating potential consumers, known as leads.


My role in this process was that of Sales Coordinator. A key function was to track the life cycle of each lead assigned to the sales representatives. The output would be the current lead status, which then translated into documented performance results and rankings for each rep. Each sales representative would provide me weekly updates including census, leads and sales, and product option information, which I would collect into an agency management system called AMS360.


Without proper information the sales representatives can’t contact interested parties, current clients, or new leads. My task was to ensure that all the information being received from the sales team was accurately data collected into AMS360. This opened up hours of free time each week for each sales representative to focus on the money making part of their jobs, sales.  It was my task to shift through the AMS360 electronic files, updating, correcting, or closing files as needed, paying specific attention to the level of interest (high, medium, or low) that each lead conveyed to the agent.  This information would be analyzed providing upper management a more accurate understanding of the company’s marketing program.

April 17, 2015

Danielle Tagarelis: Worcester Business Journal
Interning at the Worcester Business Journal

Interning at the Worcester Business Journal


Name: Danielle Tagarelis

Hometown: North Andover, MA

Major: Organizational Communications

Minor: Human Services

Sponsor: Worcester Business Journal


As the Marketing and Events Intern, my responsibilities included:

  • Promoting and marketing the WBJ and its special events through social media, online invitations, and email blasts
  • Planning and executing events for the Central Massachusetts business community
  • Organizing sponsors and guest registrations as well as communicating with employee’s & clients through email
  • Using the software program Magazine Manager to create and document company information
  • Preparing inventory and project materials for upcoming events
  • Using Excel to create honoree lists for events


Blog Entry:

The Worcester Business Journal (WBJ) is the regions premiere source for business news.  The company’s main goal is to promote local business news and hold events for businesses in Central Massachusetts. The company targets its products and services to senior executives in order support their business-to-business marketing.


As the Marketing and events intern, I was given the task of promoting upcoming events through Press Releases and mailing newsletters. I was also responsible for setting up events the day of as well as helping to manage these events which included: setting up the selected venue room, set up of sponsor tables and banners, arranging the guest list and honorees, and handling the check in table throughout the night. I also assist in the promotion of these events through the use of the WBJ social media, press releases, and emails blasts.


This internship has helped me to establish skills I can easily transfer into the working world. It has allowed me to develop strong communication and writing skills and gave me the opportunity to become familiar with various software programs. I also acquired skills that allow me to work and communicate in teams but to also feel confident working on projects independently.

April 10, 2015

Nghi Ly: City Hall of Worcester, Planning & Regulatory Division
Interning with the City Hall of Worcester, Planning & Regulatory Division

Interning with the City Hall of Worcester, Planning & Regulatory Division


Name: Nghi Ly

Hometown: Worcester, MA

Major: Management

Minor: Finance

Internship Sponsor: City Hall of Worcester, Planning & Regulatory Division


As the Planning Office Intern, my primary responsibilities include:

  • Attending and contributing in department meetings to define issues, list all the alternative possibilities and formulate possible solutions to find out how to implement those solutions successfully
  • Assisting with the new Online Application Site
  • Digitalizing records by using the Customer Service Request System
  • Updating current information database, application, and templates
  • Creating the Liquor Rules Guide


Blog Entry: 

The Planning & Regulatory Services is a division of Worcester City Hall, a municipal organization. The Planning & Regulatory Services manages some of Worcester’s short and long-term programs involving board support, development assistance, data management & analysis services, program management & policy analysis, neighborhood planning, and comprehensive long-range planning.


In this internship I work closely with my supervisors and with the other staff members on small projects and prepare materials regarding data on land development and use. Working on a variety of assignments has provided me with knowledge and deep insight into how to adapt to the fast paced environment to understand the major roles and duties of the division.


As an intern I handle the daily scanning, filling and digitizing records. As time has progressed I have begun to understand my work a lot better and to become more involved on other assignments.


I now attend department meetings and contribute more to discussions. I have also learned how to clarify issues and formulate solutions to resolve matters by using my previous experience with working with different databases and analyzing data. I am also handling different long-term projects, including editing and writing applications and rulebook guidelines.


I appreciate the opportunity to be able to work in a professional environment. This internship has taught me a lot about myself. I enjoy working in an organization where I can help others. I want to take this internship as a learning experience.

Brendan McDonough: Assumption College, Department of Athletics and Recreation
Interning with the Assumption College, Department of Athletics and Recreation

Interning with the Assumption College, Department of Athletics and Recreation


Name: Brendan McDonough

Hometown: Burlington, MA

Major: Marketing

Minor: Finance

Sponsor: Assumption College, Department of Athletics and Recreation


As an Athletics Communications Intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Organizing and providing player, team and all-time record statistics to coaches, fans, recruiters and viewers of the Assumption College Athletics website
  • Utilizing computer programs such as Presto Sports, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe In-Design to edit athlete bios on the athletics website
  • Writing press releases regarding the most recent updates on all sports teams
  • Managing home games by broadcasting them live, providing play-by-play updates on Twitter, working the scoreboard and providing music when appropriate

Blog Entry:

During my internship I have increased my understanding of relevant software and learned the writing techniques needed for sports related news website management.  These activities have enhanced my marketing skills. My responsibilities change frequently as I edit and provide various types of information for different sports team each day such as press releases, action shots and statistics, giving myself and all viewers a comfortable, solid feel for all Assumption athletic teams.


Since I have played sports my entire life and constantly watch and read about them, I knew right away that I would love interning in Athletic Communications. My experience thus far has definitely been rewarding, as I hope to get into the sports marketing and communication field one day for sports teams and specific brands. I believe that my internship has most definitely provided me with the skills and knowledge that are necessary to be successful in that business field and others as well.

Sarah Fiorillo: Employee Advantage Group, LLC
Interning with Employee Advantage Group, LLC

Interning with Employee Advantage Group, LLC


Name: Sarah Fiorillo

Hometown: Farmington, CT

Major: Marketing

Minor: International Business

Internship Sponsor: Employee Advantage Group, LLC


As the Marketing Intern, my responsibilities included:

  • Setting up and preparing entries for the companies personal blog, highlighting unique features that separate EAG from their competitors
  • Overseeing and contributing to the companies YouTube page
  • Using programs, such as WordPress to create awareness by posting blogs about the companies services


Blog Entry:

Employee Advantage Group LLC is a small self- funding producer and broker resource. They help make it easier for companies that need HR services. They are able to handle all aspects of HR, such as employee benefits, employee salary, and human capital management.


As a part of this internship I was giving the responsible for the majority of their social media communication. EAG just started to expand their services over the Internet and online and needed help doing so. After starting up their Twitter I was able to approve and look over tweets. I was also able to start up and work with their YouTube channel as they posted videos trying to attract future clients. Being able to build awareness for EAG with the use of digital marketing techniques, which I had learned in the classroom.


One of the main tasks that I was in charge of was the company blog. After decided where we wanted to start the blog, I was in charge of picking topics and assigning subjects to write about. As each piece was written I would format the writing and post the entry on the blog. At the outset, I was given complete responsibility for the design of the blog. This project included picking different fonts and designs for the blog, as well as colors and pictures. I am looking forward to see how my skills work for the company’s benefit.

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