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November 18, 2014

Linda Truong: Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)
Interning with Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)

Interning with Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)


Name: Linda Truong

Hometown: North Oxford, MA

Major: Marketing

Minor: Spanish

Internship sponsor: Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)


As the Marketing and Events Intern my responsibilities include:

  • Marketing and promoting WBJ events by using social media platforms, email blasts, and mail invitations
  • Preparing and finalizing all “looks” for events
  • Creating event registration lists through Microsoft Excel
  • Documenting attendees, honorees, and sponsor listings with personal information
  • Using software programs, such as Saxotech and Magazine Manager to document company information
  • Creating invoices and receipts for customers through company files


Blog Entry:

The Worcester Business Journal (WBJ) is the region’s definitive source for business news. The company’s objective is to engage and promote enticing business news and events for businesses in the Central Massachusetts community.  As the Events and Marketing Intern, I am responsible for a range of duties such as promoting an event through email blasts and mail invitations to finishing up final touches for an event an hour before showtime!


This internship has helped me develop strong technical, communication and writing skills. I am able to tackle various types of software programs such as Survey Monkey, Magazine Manager, EventBrite, and Saxotech.


The most gratifying part of this internship is to witness weeks of preparation unfold and watch the execution of an event from start to finish. My most memorable event was the 40 under Forty Awards when I was given the opportunity to assist in writing 40 introductory speeches to introduce honorees as they walked down a red carpet. This event, in particular, exemplified that expanding your professional network is crucial in the event planning industry; this helped the event achieve a record high of attendees this year. Maintaining strong relationships with clients and businesses is essential to the success of an event.


Through this internship experience, I have gained an appreciation for my work ethic and the opportunities presented to me. The Worcester Business Journal provided me hands-on experience in the competitive marketing and events field. I am now able commit to the profession - as an event planner – for my career path!

Sara Carangelo: Polar Beverages
Interning with Polar Beverages

Interning with Polar Beverages


Name: Sara Carangelo

Hometown: Millbury, MA

Major: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: Polar Beverages


As a Marketing Intern, my responsibilities



  • Planning, organizing, and executing large events to maximize Polar’s exposure
  • Implementing branding strategies
  • Contributing to social media outlets of Polar Beverages
  • Evaluating and documenting on-going marketing events
  • Maintaining the company’s petty cash fund for part-time staff
  • Assisting in seeding opportunities
  • Running the donation program and process


Blog Entry:

Polar Beverages is the nation’s largest independent beverage company, as well as a family-owned business; it has been run by the Crowley’s since 1882.  Its goals are to provide consumers with high quality beverages that are both unique and health conscious, such as their 17 core flavors of seltzers and limited edition seasonal seltzers.


As the marketing intern of Polar Beverages, my main responsibilities are to help plan and organize large events to maximize exposure for Polar Beverages as a brand. I also market to social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. After events take place, I am responsible for evaluating and documenting the results of each event and showing how it has profited the company. I maintain excel sheets for Polar’s petty cash fund, as well for other projects, that require documentation. In addition to these responsibilities, I assist in seeding opportunities and look into new opportunities where our brand can be positively recognized. Polar makes many donations, for example to the American Cancer Society, and I am responsible for deciding where to donate to and for the follow-up with the donation process.


My internship has made me realize that I would really enjoy a career in the marketing. Throughout my internship, I have learned how to be flexible and adapt to a changing work environment, as well as manage many projects at once. Working on several projects at once is what I enjoy most – there is never a dull moment!  I have learned a lot about myself as a future member of a professional marketing team.

Cecilia Bersaw: Y.O.U. Inc.
Interning with Y.O.U. Inc.

Interning with Y.O.U. Inc.


Name: Cecilia Bersaw

Hometown: Great Barrington, MA

Major: Management

Minor: Psychology

Internship Sponsor: Y.O.U. Inc.


As the Human Resources Intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Promoting open positions within the company on career search and college websites
  • Evaluating resumes from job applicants and providing recommendations
  • Compiling new employee and benefits packages
  • Performing administrative duties

Blog Entry:

Youth Opportunities Upheld, Inc. is a private, non-profit child welfare and behavioral health organization serving troubled and at-risk children, adolescents and families in the Worcester County area since 1971. It is one of the leading organizations of its kind, offering more than 45 programs in 32 locations. It has a staff of nearly 600 professionals and a 24-person Board of Directors.


I work closely with a small staff of HR personnel to assist  them with whatever tasks they need to get done. This ranges from validating employees’ counseling licenses to reviewing our ADP background check invoices and billing the appropriate departments. On an average day I go into our HRIS (software system) to retrieve the most recent job applications and prepare them for revision by the Assistant Director of HR. She reviews them with me and asks for my feedback as I learn what qualifications and skills would be beneficial to the organization.


This internship has given me valuable insight into the functions of a human resource department. Entering my senior year, I had a desire to learn more about the field to better determine if it is a good fit for me. Between the first-hand experience I’ve received from my internship, my Human Resources Management class, and my Internship in Business class, I feel very prepared and eager to begin a career in HR after I graduate.

Amy McNeil: Assumption College Athletics Department
Interning with the Assumption College Department of Public Affairs

Interning with the Assumption College Department of Public Affairs


Name: Amy McNeil

Hometown: Orange, CT

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Management

Internship Sponsor: Assumption College, Athletic Department


Primary Responsibilities:


As a marketing intern, my primary responsibilities are to:

  • Create marketing campaigns for athletic events, including concepts, signage, and the implementation of campaigns
  • Post the promotion of events on social media
  • Work directly with the head coaches to develop new marketing ideas in the promotion of their teams
  • Participate in all athletic events which I market


Blog Entry:

As a marketing intern in the Athletic Department, I am constantly outing to use the skills and knowledge I have learned in my communication and marketing classes. I was given the responsibility to create and implement campaign ideas. At first, I was nervous about having so much responsibility in what was actually going to be implemented on social media and on our campus. As I began to come up with ideas, I began to realize how much I enjoy thinking creatively in marketing.


The biggest issue in promoting athletic events is trying to interest the student body. As a student athlete myself, it really makes a big difference when teams have a crowd compared to the games when teams don’t.  Knowing from personal experience that having students at athletic events makes a difference, my goal is to increase the student body involved in athletic events.


Our marketing team looks at past campaigns to decide what worked best and what didn’t work at all.  With a tight marketing budget, we also strategize what events are the most important and what else we can do to get people to come to events .We found that students respond to free giveaways, such as t-shirts, and prizes. Instagram and Twitter picture competitions have also been a successful way to attract students to events.  We also try incentive activities such as relays with prizes for participants.

November 4, 2014

Katie Cullerot: Alexander, Aronson, Finning CPAs (AAF)

Interning with Alexander, Aronson, Finning CPAs (AAF)

Name: Katie Cullerot

Hometown: Hampton, NH

Major: Accounting

Minor: Management

Internship Sponsor: Alexander, Aronson, Finning CPAs (AAF)

As a Tax Intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Developing tax awareness in all areas, including personal and business income taxes, payroll, sales and other taxes.
  • Preparing tax returns for individuals and businesses, as well as analyzing specific details of a return, such as fixed assets.
  • Developing an understanding of all professional standards.

Alexander, Aronson, Finning CPAs (AAF) is a prominent accounting firm in New England which offers best-value auditing, tax, and consulting services. AAF offers services to not-for profit and for-profit clients in a wide range of industries such as: education, health care, real estate, and many others.


As a tax intern my main responsibilities are to prepare personal and business tax returns to be reviewed by supervisors. The staff and supervisors who I work with to prepare these returns want me to focus on understanding the concepts of what I am working with, not simply the imputing of numbers. I also work with the firm’s new software, Fixed Asset CS, which is related to fixed asset analysis. AAF is a firm that focuses on employee development, which can be seen by their training of me, an intern, on this new software. This training allows me to work on specific advanced projects and also become a resource to the firm to provide feedback about the software.


My accounting classes have prepared me to understand many of the work papers I see on a daily basis. Specifically, my Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Federal Income Tax courses gave me my first exposure to a tax return. It is from my internship, where I am applying the concepts that drove these classes, that I am becoming a tax professional.

Erich Grosse: Assumption College Athletics Department



Name: Erich Grosse

Hometown: Bayport, New York

Major: Business Management and History

Sponsor: Assumption College Athletics Department


As an Assumption College Athletics Marketing Intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Tactical planning of major Athletic Apartment events, such as:
    • The presentation of the new college mascot
    • Midnight Madness
    • Homecoming
  • Managing the athletics bulletin board about upcoming games and athletic events
  • Maintaining the Athletics Instagram account
  • Meeting weekly with our marketing team to discuss ways to get more students attendance at games

The Assumption College Athletics Department supports 21 sports at the Division II level.  As a member of the Northeast 10 Conference, it remains a competitive program in all sports.  Its main focus is to achieve excellence athletically, academically, and in the community.  The vision of the athletic department is “One Team.  One Goal.  Excellence.”


I am active in a wide variety of marketing campaigns launched by the Athletic Department where I use my interpersonal, management, and marketing skills everyday to market our events and games. I  helped pioneer the first ever dress code for our Midnight Madness event, where each class year dressed in a specific color to be more competitive.  I have also recruited students to become our new mascot.  When updating the bulletin board, I make sure to use the most effective and accurate information for the foot traffic of thousands of  students each week that view it.  I have been given control of the athletics Instagram account and have raised its followers from 40 to over 300 in just a month.  Most important to my marketing efforts is the constant communication that I have with personnel such as the head of communications, head coaches, student government leaders, and the athletic director.


As the captain for the Men’s Cross Country team, I have always had an interest in sports, but until now I have never envisioned a career in sports. Because of my internship experience here with Assumption Athletics,  I plan to apply for graduate assistant positions at university athletic departments.

Patrick Ferguson: Mid-State Insurance Agency, Inc.
Interning with Mid-State Insurance Agency, Inc.

Interning with Mid-State Insurance Agency, Inc.


Name: Patrick Ferguson

Home Town: Bethany, CT

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: International Business

Internship Sponsor: Mid-State Insurance Agency, Inc.


As a Marketing and Operations intern, my primary responsibilities include:

  • Calling on perspective business clients
  • Developing and editing e-newsletters for the company’s client email data base
  • Maintaining both the agency’s and their foundation’s, Bears On Board, Inc., social media pages by sending out weekly updates
  • Assisting colleagues in expediting their day-to-day responsibilities to ensure all client expectations are met

Mid-State Insurance Agency, Inc. is an independent agent servicing insurance and financial needs throughout New England and the North East since 1952. The agency specializes in working with companies that are looking for comprehensive, cost effective insurance solutions. The agency caters toward medium and small businesses looking for low-cost coverage and reasonable premiums.


As an intern, my responsibilities start with calling on local and regional companies to inform them about our employee benefit suite of services for companies, which ranges from innovative health insurance plan options to car to home insurance for employees. I act as the middleman between the perspective client and Mid-State’s company heads.


I also develop and maintain social media outlets for both the agency and Bears On Board, Inc., its non-profit foundation. Bears On Board provides teddy bears which police officers, fire fighters, rescue personnel and social workers give to children in crisis. My job is to utilize Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to share the non-profit’s mission and latest updates. The program has donated over 10,000 bears already and has helped countless families throughout Worcester since 2002.


I am learning the many functions of an insurance industry and the day-to-day practices of a successful company. Working in the Insurance Industry has turned out to be a lot more exciting than I had previously thought!

October 14, 2014

Rachel Horr: United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development
Interning with the United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development.

Interning with the United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development.


Name: Rachel Horr
Hometown: Granby, CT
Major: Management
Internship Sponsor: United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development


As the Rural Development Intern my responsibilities include:

  • Assisting the community program area specialist with the extensive application process
  • Completing compliance reviews
  • Completing missing paperwork follow-ups with appropriate contacts

Blog Entry:
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development was founded in 1994 to benefit organizations, individuals, and municipalities that are not farm based. Their programs, such as the Water and Environmental Program loan/grant, include nearly $16 billion in loans, loan guarantees, and grants. This money goes to benefit communities, businesses, and individuals for housing repairs, construction on water and sewer lines, and small business loans.


As an intern, I began with minor responsibilities and as the semester continues, I have gained more responsibilities. I work primarily in community development programs which assist in funding municipalities and construction projects, such as water treatment plants and sewer lines, throughout the state of Massachusetts. I go out into the field to follow-up on compliance reviews in the towns, as well as to learn how different water treatment plants work. I am learning how to do audits and compliance reviews for many types of grants and loans. I am currently learning about graduation reviews and how they impact the towns with the loans.


This internship has really allowed me to start thinking about what I would enjoy as a career. It has taught me a lot about myself. I am learning that I am not the type of person who can sit behind a desk for days on end. I understand the tasks and projects that I am given and I am taking this internship as a learning experience.

Christa Bodemann: Sonus Networks
Interning at Sonus Networks.

Interning at Sonus Networks.


Name: Christa Bodemann

Hometown, State: Westford, MA

Major: Marketing

Minor: Graphic Design

Internship Sponsor: Sonus Networks


As the Multimedia Training Specialist, my responsibilities are to:

  • Serve as the team expert in multi-media production
  • Apply my expertise to develop and produce training materials and promotional materials
  • Record and post-process online multi-media eLearning materials; post to the Learning Management System (LMS)
    • Tenor video module series
    • Wireless eLearning series
    • Additional product and service multi-media materials
  • Serve on the team responsible for implementation of the new LMS and participate in the migration of existing multi-media eLearning materials from the old system to the new system
  • Maintain the team photo library; post to LMS and use in communication materials


Blog Entry:

Sonus enables and secures real-time communications so the world’s leading service providers and enterprises can embrace the next generation of SIP and 4G/LTE solutions including VoIP, video, instant messaging and online collaboration.  With customers in nearly 100 countries and nearly two decades of experience, Sonus offers a complete portfolio of hardware-based and virtualized solutions.


As the Multimedia Training Specialist at Sonus, I use my graphic design, film, and photography skills in developing multi-media training materials for the company. I have learned to use software applications such as Articulate Storyline and Articulate Replay to develop training modules. I have filmed and edited instructors speaking about a topic for a specific product and then displayed these videos in modules for customers. I have also taken professional portraits of the training team to be posted on the Sonus learning management system.


Working with my co-workers is very rewarding because they are constructive when it comes to giving me good feedback. I have learned more than I ever expected working here at Sonus and, as a result, I am seriously considering a career  as a Multimedia Training Specialist.


April 29, 2014

Michelle Tran: International Data Group (IDG)
International Data Group (IDG).

International Data Group (IDG).


Name: Michelle Tran

Hometown: Worcester, MA

Major: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: International Data Group (IDG)


As a Human Resources Intern, my responsibilities are to:

  • Assist the Training & Development team with upcoming employee training programs by overseeing the general participant lists, creating agendas and preparing training program materials.
  • Create Excel reports articulating corporate program participants’ post-program evaluations.
  • Collaborate with the department staff in the collection and analysis of the annual IDG Employee Survey.
  • Update out-of-date employee information from PeopleSoft in preparation for transition to a new HR information system.


Blog Entry:

International Data Group (IDG) is the world’s leading technology media, events and research company. Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Boston, IDG products and services reach an audience of more than 280 million technology buyers in 97 countries.


As the Human Resources Intern at IDG, I completed a variety of projects that have given me exposure to an area of HR that I previously knew very little about—Training & Development. Initially, I found myself very nervous about working on projects in an area in which I was unfamiliar. But, as time went on, I found it extremely interesting to gain firsthand experience of all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into preparing for corporate training programs—everything from allocating time to selecting reserve venues, to personally confirming public speakers, inviting participants and preparing training program materials. My internship with IDG made me realize how crucial this function of HR is to a company and how beneficial it is for employees to: network, continually learn new skills and grow with the company as technology advances at rapid speeds.


Through my internship with IDG, I have learned a lot about myself as a future human resources professional and the work environment in which I best thrive. Concepts discussed in my internship class such as company cultures, management styles and organizational structures in conjunction with hands-on experiences in the office, have helped me better understand what I’m looking for from potential employers. Overall, this experience has allowed me to see the importance of being flexible and adapting to work cultures in order to work effectively and efficiently toward successfully achieving organizational objectives.

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