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April 24, 2015

David M Brittain Jr.: Carroll Enterprises
Interning with Carroll Enterprises.

Interning with Carroll Enterprises.


Name: David M Brittain Jr.

Hometown: Ashburnham Ma

Major: Business Management

Minor: English, Writing

Certificate: Accounting

Internship Sponsor: Carroll Enterprises; Small Business Insurance Agency


As a Sales Coordinator/Analyst my primary responsibilities include:

  • Tracking and updating leads into AMS360 (CRM System)
  • Communicate and interact with Agency’s Sales Team for weekly updates and progress
  • Generating weekly sales report for analysis of sales team’s weekly progress
  • Testing and reporting upon the overall functionality of the new insurance quoting web sites  (documenting and communicating software bugs)
  • Creating documentation of prospect records for analysis (analysis includes reports on consumer loyalties, product type & consumer age)

Blog Entry:

Carrol Enterprises is a company comprised of several wholly-owned subsidiaries, including the Small Business Insurance Agency (SBIA). The SBIA is a one stop shop for small business with services including health, life, long-term care, disability, dental, property & casualty insurance, retirement, 401(K). The Agency’s sales representatives are responsible for making contact with, evaluating, and notating potential consumers, known as leads.


My role in this process was that of Sales Coordinator. A key function was to track the life cycle of each lead assigned to the sales representatives. The output would be the current lead status, which then translated into documented performance results and rankings for each rep. Each sales representative would provide me weekly updates including census, leads and sales, and product option information, which I would collect into an agency management system called AMS360.


Without proper information the sales representatives can’t contact interested parties, current clients, or new leads. My task was to ensure that all the information being received from the sales team was accurately data collected into AMS360. This opened up hours of free time each week for each sales representative to focus on the money making part of their jobs, sales.  It was my task to shift through the AMS360 electronic files, updating, correcting, or closing files as needed, paying specific attention to the level of interest (high, medium, or low) that each lead conveyed to the agent.  This information would be analyzed providing upper management a more accurate understanding of the company’s marketing program.

April 17, 2015

Danielle Tagarelis: Worcester Business Journal
Interning at the Worcester Business Journal

Interning at the Worcester Business Journal


Name: Danielle Tagarelis

Hometown: North Andover, MA

Major: Organizational Communications

Minor: Human Services

Sponsor: Worcester Business Journal


As the Marketing and Events Intern, my responsibilities included:

  • Promoting and marketing the WBJ and its special events through social media, online invitations, and email blasts
  • Planning and executing events for the Central Massachusetts business community
  • Organizing sponsors and guest registrations as well as communicating with employee’s & clients through email
  • Using the software program Magazine Manager to create and document company information
  • Preparing inventory and project materials for upcoming events
  • Using Excel to create honoree lists for events


Blog Entry:

The Worcester Business Journal (WBJ) is the regions premiere source for business news.  The company’s main goal is to promote local business news and hold events for businesses in Central Massachusetts. The company targets its products and services to senior executives in order support their business-to-business marketing.


As the Marketing and events intern, I was given the task of promoting upcoming events through Press Releases and mailing newsletters. I was also responsible for setting up events the day of as well as helping to manage these events which included: setting up the selected venue room, set up of sponsor tables and banners, arranging the guest list and honorees, and handling the check in table throughout the night. I also assist in the promotion of these events through the use of the WBJ social media, press releases, and emails blasts.


This internship has helped me to establish skills I can easily transfer into the working world. It has allowed me to develop strong communication and writing skills and gave me the opportunity to become familiar with various software programs. I also acquired skills that allow me to work and communicate in teams but to also feel confident working on projects independently.

April 10, 2015

Nghi Ly: City Hall of Worcester, Planning & Regulatory Division
Interning with the City Hall of Worcester, Planning & Regulatory Division

Interning with the City Hall of Worcester, Planning & Regulatory Division


Name: Nghi Ly

Hometown: Worcester, MA

Major: Management

Minor: Finance

Internship Sponsor: City Hall of Worcester, Planning & Regulatory Division


As the Planning Office Intern, my primary responsibilities include:

  • Attending and contributing in department meetings to define issues, list all the alternative possibilities and formulate possible solutions to find out how to implement those solutions successfully
  • Assisting with the new Online Application Site
  • Digitalizing records by using the Customer Service Request System
  • Updating current information database, application, and templates
  • Creating the Liquor Rules Guide


Blog Entry: 

The Planning & Regulatory Services is a division of Worcester City Hall, a municipal organization. The Planning & Regulatory Services manages some of Worcester’s short and long-term programs involving board support, development assistance, data management & analysis services, program management & policy analysis, neighborhood planning, and comprehensive long-range planning.


In this internship I work closely with my supervisors and with the other staff members on small projects and prepare materials regarding data on land development and use. Working on a variety of assignments has provided me with knowledge and deep insight into how to adapt to the fast paced environment to understand the major roles and duties of the division.


As an intern I handle the daily scanning, filling and digitizing records. As time has progressed I have begun to understand my work a lot better and to become more involved on other assignments.


I now attend department meetings and contribute more to discussions. I have also learned how to clarify issues and formulate solutions to resolve matters by using my previous experience with working with different databases and analyzing data. I am also handling different long-term projects, including editing and writing applications and rulebook guidelines.


I appreciate the opportunity to be able to work in a professional environment. This internship has taught me a lot about myself. I enjoy working in an organization where I can help others. I want to take this internship as a learning experience.

Brendan McDonough: Assumption College, Department of Athletics and Recreation
Interning with the Assumption College, Department of Athletics and Recreation

Interning with the Assumption College, Department of Athletics and Recreation


Name: Brendan McDonough

Hometown: Burlington, MA

Major: Marketing

Minor: Finance

Sponsor: Assumption College, Department of Athletics and Recreation


As an Athletics Communications Intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Organizing and providing player, team and all-time record statistics to coaches, fans, recruiters and viewers of the Assumption College Athletics website
  • Utilizing computer programs such as Presto Sports, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe In-Design to edit athlete bios on the athletics website
  • Writing press releases regarding the most recent updates on all sports teams
  • Managing home games by broadcasting them live, providing play-by-play updates on Twitter, working the scoreboard and providing music when appropriate

Blog Entry:

During my internship I have increased my understanding of relevant software and learned the writing techniques needed for sports related news website management.  These activities have enhanced my marketing skills. My responsibilities change frequently as I edit and provide various types of information for different sports team each day such as press releases, action shots and statistics, giving myself and all viewers a comfortable, solid feel for all Assumption athletic teams.


Since I have played sports my entire life and constantly watch and read about them, I knew right away that I would love interning in Athletic Communications. My experience thus far has definitely been rewarding, as I hope to get into the sports marketing and communication field one day for sports teams and specific brands. I believe that my internship has most definitely provided me with the skills and knowledge that are necessary to be successful in that business field and others as well.

Sarah Fiorillo: Employee Advantage Group, LLC
Interning with Employee Advantage Group, LLC

Interning with Employee Advantage Group, LLC


Name: Sarah Fiorillo

Hometown: Farmington, CT

Major: Marketing

Minor: International Business

Internship Sponsor: Employee Advantage Group, LLC


As the Marketing Intern, my responsibilities included:

  • Setting up and preparing entries for the companies personal blog, highlighting unique features that separate EAG from their competitors
  • Overseeing and contributing to the companies YouTube page
  • Using programs, such as WordPress to create awareness by posting blogs about the companies services


Blog Entry:

Employee Advantage Group LLC is a small self- funding producer and broker resource. They help make it easier for companies that need HR services. They are able to handle all aspects of HR, such as employee benefits, employee salary, and human capital management.


As a part of this internship I was giving the responsible for the majority of their social media communication. EAG just started to expand their services over the Internet and online and needed help doing so. After starting up their Twitter I was able to approve and look over tweets. I was also able to start up and work with their YouTube channel as they posted videos trying to attract future clients. Being able to build awareness for EAG with the use of digital marketing techniques, which I had learned in the classroom.


One of the main tasks that I was in charge of was the company blog. After decided where we wanted to start the blog, I was in charge of picking topics and assigning subjects to write about. As each piece was written I would format the writing and post the entry on the blog. At the outset, I was given complete responsibility for the design of the blog. This project included picking different fonts and designs for the blog, as well as colors and pictures. I am looking forward to see how my skills work for the company’s benefit.

Katherine Hern: Assumption College Admissions Office
Interning with the Assumption College Office of Admissions

Interning with the Assumption College Office of Admissions


Name: Katherine Hern

Hometown: Walpole, Ma

Major: Psychology

Minor: Business Management

Sponsor: Assumption College Admissions Office


As an Admissions Intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Creating letter templates to mail out in order to maintain contact with interested or accepted students
  • Communicating with and informing students about upcoming events and application deadlines
  • Directing prospective students with contact information for faculty who can provide students specific program information
  • Reading and organizing information from incoming research surveys completed by the accepted students
  • Providing information and offering tours for students during student visit days such as Accept Assumption, Accepted Students Day, and Greyhound Day


Blog Entry

The Assumption College Admissions Office is comprised of a group of professional and hardworking counselors who are responsible for communicating, advising, and informing high school students about Assumption College. The Admissions counselors review admission applications, interview potential students, and provide the students with a preview of the Assumption experience. They organize tours, classroom previews, and organize day events such as Accept Assumption, Accepted Students Day, and Greyhound Day. They act as mentors for the students and help students make the decision to want to become a student at Assumption College.


As an Admissions Intern, I am responsible for writing letters to prospective undergraduate students to provide more information about the college, upcoming campus day events, and application deadlines. I maintain the communication to the students from Admissions to ensure that the prospective students receive the information they need in order to make the decision to enroll in Assumption College. Using the survey information found on Colleague, an admissions software system, I create information packets of reading material about Assumption’s programs, organizations, internships, and student life.


I also volunteer at visiting day event for accepted students. One of the events, Accept Assumption, will host many students and families and I will be responsible for ensuring that the visitors receive a true Assumption experience. I will be assisting in campus tours, classroom previews, and interact with the many students who plan to visit. As a current student and admissions intern, I will be providing an inside perspective of the academic programs, faculty, social environment, and student culture. After the coordinated days, I will follow up with each other students in my territory to ensure they had a fun and informative day.


Working at the Admissions office has been really rewarding because I am able to personally maintain contact with each student in my territory. I had mailed out customized personal letters to the early action students and was amazed at how many emails I got back from students who were so appreciative for their hand-written and personal letter.


Working in Admissions has been a new experience for me because I have had no experience working in higher education. I have always had an interest in working in the school system as a Guidance Counselor or School Psychologist, but this experience has caused me to think about pursing a career in a higher education admissions office.

March 31, 2015

Angela Razzano: Human Resource Department, Umass Medical School
Interning with the Umass Medical School Human Resource Department

Interning with the Umass Medical School Human Resource Department


Name: Angela Razzano

Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA

Major: Management

Minor: Psychology

Sponsor: Human Resource Department, Umass Medical School


As a Human Resource Intern, my responsibilities included:

  • Analyzing the UMMS Human Resource policies by outlining which pertain to the individual branches of HR: Compensation, Talent, Business Partners, and Benefits department
  • Utilizing iCIMS, talent acquisition software, for candidate research, resume review, and job posting
  • Developing blogs from articles about recruiting, hiring, and firing in the business world.
  • Attending Career Fairs at local colleges to educate and inform college students about job opportunities at UMMS
  • Recommending new ideas for both the UMMS Human Resource and the “Work Without Limits” websites.

Blog Entry:

UMass Medical School is a government-funded organization that is committed to improving medical care through education and research. They primarily focus on improving the quality of life for their patients and graduate students. The Human Resource department at UMMS has the responsibility to hire qualified and competent employees that fit the model of the organization and their goals.


From my internship, I have been exposed to the UMMS recruiting and hiring process. I learned about the company’s process when I interviewed each of my coworkers. During the interviews, I learned what each job entails and the responsibilities that come with them. Scheduling interviews with each employee taught me that time is of the essence in the business world- especially when asking someone to take time out of their busy day to talk about their job.


Every time I stepped foot into the office I was handed new work. My supervisor kept me busy with scheduling meetings, assisting the talent associates with iCIMS, creating Excel spread sheets and Word documents, and developing blogs. At first I was overwhelmed by all of my work and concerned about how I was going to balance it. I quickly learned how to become organized. I prioritized my work by their due dates and how much time I would have to spend on each. I used the calendar on Outlook to schedule meetings, block off time, and remind myself when a project due date was approaching. The system I made for myself helped me multitask my emails, blogs, resumes, and job postings. Overall, UMass has taught me to develop my organization skills, but more importantly, how communication and asking questions is key.

Sarah Baldelli: Assumption College, Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Interning with the Assumption College Office of Admissions

Interning with the Assumption College Office of Admissions


Name: Sarah Baldelli

Hometown: Marlborough, MA

Major: Organizational Communication

Sponsor: Assumption College Office of Undergraduate Admissions


As the Admissions Intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Reading and analyzing college applications using Business Objects, Image Now and Colleague programs.
  • Researching and strategizing new summer programs for high school students around the world.
  • Preparing, planning and administering programs and college fairs for incoming students and their families.
  • Interacting, advising and communicating with incoming students on the HoundBound Assumption Facebook page.
  • Evaluating information and branding of Assumption in our view books and Virtual Experience webpage for potential incoming students.

Blog Entry:

Assumption College’s Admissions Office works very hard selecting a diverse and unique group of individuals through personal relationships and guidance.  The admissions office is responsible for the entire selection process as well as promoting the Assumption College mission throughout events and programs for students.  Throughout my internship I have been able to create my own relationships with incoming students and help them with their college transition, through Assumption’s “HoundBound” Facebook page.  Also I have utilized my marketing skills by developing a more in-depth and user-friendly webpage for potential international students.   I also was given the assignment of creating a social media calendar for the Admission’s Twitter and Instagram accounts for the Assistant Director of Marketing for Enrollment Management, Anna Dealy.


I have advanced my communication skills through interacting with many members of the admissions team as well as students and parents.  I have learned how to professionally analyze events and programs, which allowed me to use the marketing strategies I have learned in my classes.  The knowledge I have gained from my classes helped me become involved and more interested in my work and allowed me to see the real world application of techniques I learned.  I began to continuously think and apply improvements to the tasks I was asked to perform.  Interning in the admissions office allowed me to see marketing techniques in a new and unique way and it was a very rewarding experience.

Kyle Gilman: RE/MAX Advantage 1

Interning with RE/MAX Advantage 1


Name: Kyle Gilman

Hometown: Windham, Maine

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Marketing

Sponsor: RE/MAX Advantage 1


As a marketing and operations intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with the design and organization of the company’s print and web-based media.
  • Monitoring and posting on blogs, forums, and social networks
  • Online outreach and promotion using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more
  • Website and social media optimization

Blog Entry:

RE/MAX is a global real estate network of franchisee-owned and -operated offices with more than 90,000 Sales Associates worldwide.  The agents constitute the world’s most productive real estate sales force. Through their efforts, they’ve made it possible to say that nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.  RE/MAX Advantage I is the largest RE/MAX operation in central Massachusetts.  The office has over 40 contracted sales agents and a market share sales volume in excess of $100 Million annually.  Our services include the brokerage of residential and commercial real estate.


I have been given the responsibly of creating, updating, and maintaining RE/MAX Advantage 1’s Instagram account. I have my own personal account on Instagram, but it’s been a great experience using one from a business-oriented perspective.   I post a new property that is residential or commercial about once per week on Instagram.


Another one of my responsibilities is to assist one of our agents with promoting some of the properties he receives.  I do this by creating flyers for him to promote his properties and I made an excel spreadsheet of the 400 members for his business email list to make it easier for him to send mail, email, and call local business people in the area.


My favorite part of the job at RE/MAX is when one of the agents will take me on a showing or drive around to look at some of their local listings.  From this I’ve learned what can make a house easy and hard to sell.  This internship has shown me that a career in real estate might be what I want to try and pursue after I graduate from Assumption College.

Makayla Carpenter: My-Take

Interning with My-Take


Name: Makayla Carpenter

Hometown: Cape Neddick, ME

Major: Marketing

Sponsor: My-Take


As a Community and Insight Intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Moderating and facilitating online communities to ensure a positive and effective environment, while interacting with the members as a representative of My-Take.
  • Dissecting and evaluating data collected from surveys, discussions, and polls to report insights back to the client.
  • Reviewing and assuring accuracy of Community and Insight Analysts’ reports that act as deliverables for the client.

Blog Entry:

My-Take, located in Westborough, MA, is an “insight and marketing technology company that helps companies make smarter decisions and market more effectively through powerful online communities and panels.”  My-Take utilizes a unique and proprietary platform.  The online communities My-Take creates is what sets this company apart from other typical market research companies.


The first project I had the opportunity to work on was a report for a printer company.  It was definitely a challenge to start with them.  The survey questions and responses that I looked at were technical.  I received a quick 10 minute crash course in learning about their models and how the machines work and all their functions.  I found myself analyzing hundreds of responses.  Post-analysis, I successfully produced two reports based from two different surveys.  Those went so well that I then helped code three additional surveys.  These results were shared with the CEO of the printer company to help make future decisions.


Since diving right into the “real” work the first week on the job, I have been exposed to many different facets of what My-Take does and have had the opportunity to work on projects for various clients.  In addition to coding responses from surveys and writing reports, I am responsible for moderating and facilitating online communities.  I took it upon myself to categorize approximately 1000 posts in community for a personal care company to make navigation easier for both myself and the panel members.  For a battery company, I am currently experiencing the process of onboarding and recruiting members.  I will be able to follow this company from the very beginning of project launch.  This experience is both new and exciting.  As I seek out more responsibilities, I am finding that I want to make this internship my career.

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