Reunion 2006
June 2-4

Class of 1986
20th Reunion

Thank you to all our committee members and guests who made our 20th Reunion a great time.  Have a wonderful summer. We hope to see you often and let's get ready for our 25th Reunion in June 2011!

Reunion Committee

Bob Ravenelle,
Betsy Mowry Sabourin,
Catherine Brown Harrison,

Dan Mastrototaro and Peggy (Rutter) Fuller

Class Gift – A total of 77 Class members (22.6%) contributed to our reunion gift of $24,070. 

Photos - Keep them coming!

The Class of '86 at its 20th Reunion
John Pelletier, Mike O'Toole, Steve Davis and Jim Rankin
Bridget Hubbard Miles with daughters Elizabeth & Sarah, and husband Davd Betsy Mowry Sabourin, Debbie Martin Blackburn,
Ellen Moynihan, Kerry Counihan Murphy, Andre Nault,
Laura "Lucy" Handy and Laura Hauck Mastrianni

Sal Attianese and John Sabatini
Bob Ravenelle and Betsy Mowry Sabourin present the
reunion gift check to President Tom Plough

(the above photos were taken by Chris Christo, if you wish to order one go to

If you would like us to post any pictures you took please send them to Heather MacFarlane (





Here are some things to remember from

  • Ronald Regan was the President
  • Hot movies included The Color Purple. The Color of Money, Cocoon, and Out of Africa
  • The Challenger exploded on live television
  • Musical tastes ranged from Phil Collins to Don Henley to Whitney Houston to Tina Turner
  • A postage stamp cost $0.22
  • We are the World won the Grammy for both Record of the Year and Song of the Year
  • Halley’s Comet visited
  • The Chernobyl reactor exploded in Ukraine
  • Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen were born
  • Must See TV! We watched shows like Miami Vice, Dallas, Facts of Life, Family Ties, Golden Girls, Silver Spoons, A-Team, Hill Street Blues, and Cheers