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Reunion 2003 - Alumni Awards Ceremony
Lori-Ann (Reidy) Paterwic '77 introduces Karen (Kamataris) Sutherland '77 as recipient of Outstanding Alumnus/a Award

From Clinton she came,
But she learned about Assumption on Franklin and Main,
Where Peter had his barber shop, and customers abound,
Andy, Joe and Bob, they all came around,
So off to Assumption College, Karen was bound.
A double Greyhound, she became, with all her degrees,
With rehab her profession, she had people to please.

Of course we must mention Bill, her college sweetheart,
Whom she married in '79, never to depart.
Whose ties to Assumption are as strong as her own,
As an alum, and an employee, many Sutherlands, we've known.

Now the legacy continues, with their oldest daughter Lauren,
Who's starting next year, as an Assumption College Freshman.

But the event we all remember, from the old timers, you'll hear,
Was when their youngest daughter Alison, decided to appear,
After a Board meeting, in the parking lot, on the way home,
Karen was rushed to the hospital, and low and behold,
Alison decided it was time, after much anticipation,
To come into this world, with only a short preparation.

And of course there is John, their oldest and only son,
Who graduated from St. John's, as the valedictorian.
John is at Georgetown, and they are so proud,
But somehow his laundry still comes homeward bound.

Now I suppose I am here, to speak of Karen's accomplishments,
As a committee member, a Board member, and Alumni Board President.
Her list of committees are too numerous to mention,
But I must say, she did, Chair every Reunion.
The Alumni Networking was her love, as it helped our own students
find jobs when they graduate, a use of friends, so prudent.
Chair Homecoming, she did, with her soul mate Bill,
If they made it through that, it took nothing but will.
We can go on naming, all the time she spent here,
Doing exactly what she loved, but nothing is so dear,
To her and her family, as to see all the games,
As basketball is their passion,
And they know all the players' names.

The Class of '77 has been blessed with its member,
Whose feelings for Assumption, have only grown deeper.
So Jack would be proud, to confer Karen his award,
For dedication and service, and loyalty untold.