Reunion 2009
June 5, 6, & 7

Class of 1994
15th Reunion Celebration

Our 15th Reunion was great fun! The family barbeque on Saturday afternoon was an especially nice way for us to get together and reminisce while our kids enjoyed the various kid-friendly activities. The class dinner was special too! Between college and high school graduations, weddings and family plans, our numbers were not as full but our spirit was there.

~Class Gift~

A total of 55 class members (14%) contributed to our 15th Reunion Class Gift of $4,879. THANK YOU to all who participated!

Class of 1994 Planning and Gift Committee

Mike Walsh (Class Agent), Scott Tomlinson (Class Agent), Scott Klimaj, Max Iori, Marc Richard, Cheryl Cote, Ellen (Walsh) Leary, John Ohotnicky, and Jennifer (Harrington) Hunt.


If you would like to post your digital photos of Reunion Weekend, please email them to There are also some professional photos at

Have a wonderful summer! We hope to see you throughout the year at our many on and off-campus alumni events.