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Prep Reunion 2005
More than 175 people—including Prep alumni, former faculty members, spouses, and guests—attended the Assumption Prep Reunion on September 17, 2005. Visitors came from France, California, Arizona, Michigan and all the New England states to reunite.

Some enjoyed tours of the site of the former Prep School in Worcester’s Greendale neighborhood or the Assumption College campus, while others checked out the new Multi-Sport Stadium, where the football team played its first home game that afternoon. Richard Bachand AP’60 traveled from France and performed a piano concert for attendees at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, followed by Mass, celebrated by Rev. Dennis Gallagher, A.A. ’69. Mass was coordinated by Fr. Claude Grenache, A.A. AP’55 and Paul Veaudreuil, A.A. AP’55. Fr. Donat Lamothe AP’53, ’57 and his Gregorian Chant ensemble were invited to accompany the Mass.

Dinner was held in Hagan Hall, where the guest speakers were former English teacher and football coach Luke Foley AP’60 and Don D’Amour AP’60, ’64, chairman/CEO of Big Y Foods, Inc. Fr. Dennis shared greetings from Fr. Richard Lamoureux, A.A. AP’60, ’64, the Superior General of the Assumptionist order, stationed in Italy. “There were tough moments, like the semester I got a grade of 67 in French from Fr. Etienne. But 45 years after graduating from the Prep, what I treasure most is the love of learning that was nurtured in me through hard work, excellent teaching, and a community of students and elders working together happily and toward the same goal.  We felt like we were part of something far greater than ourselves, trying to do our best in every domain … The community living out their faith and working together to educate young men for life and for service—that obviously had the deepest impact, enough to make me want to join and be an Assumptionist. I hope the memories and the impact of our joint experience have been lasting for all of you.”

Don spoke how his family business (Big Y Foods) began during the Depression with his parents. Don learned his skills and work ethic both from him family and also Bro. Vianney, who recruited students, such as Don, to volunteer to help set up the sacristy nightly, clean the floors weekly, and help with the Prep laundry service. Don also reminisced about the fun things at the Prep: the Boarder house diet (meals were not elegant) of coffee pot toast and fried baloney, as well as the Assumptionists brothers and fathers and the Stork Club sessions.

On Friday, September 16, the Classes of ’55, ’60, and ’65 each had individual Class dinners where they reviewing the yearbook and invited faculty. Noel Collette AP’45 and Roger Chagnon AP’47 joined the Class of ’60. Fr. Alexis Babineau, A.A. and Charlie Bibaud AP’51 were welcomed by the Class of ’55 and visited each class, while Walter Fields G’68, Clem Trudeau ’56, Tom Severance and Henry Callan ’54, G’71 enjoyed the Class of ’65 dinner. Melanie Demarais HA’92 was named the first Honorary Prep Alumna, presented by Dick Dion AP’55 and Armand Harnois AP’55 on behalf of all Prep classes.

Peter Deckers, Ph.D. AP’55, gave update on Prep Campaign, and the importance of high-tech classroom with an endowment so that it can be maintained separate from the operating budget. “This facility will provide and excellent teaching classroom for Assumption’s faculty and students to enjoy, and it will memorialize the wonderful teachers we had at Prep through its name, and its vintage photographs and memorabilia display,” Peter said. “With your support, meeting our $500,000 goal will enable the College to maintain and update the facility annually in perpetuity through its own endowed fund.”

Charlie Bibaud AP’51 , a former Prep basketball coach, gave his “team” of Reunion attendees an inspiring, locker-room-like pep talk, encouraging his mates to rally together and create a Prep legacy at Assumption College. He closed, “We’re going to win … but only we can make it happen!”

For more info, contact Melanie Demarais at 508-767-7146

Prep Reunion 2005 photos

Guest speakers Luke Foley AP'60 and Don D'Amour AP'60

Henry Prunier AP'40 and his wife, Mariette

Class of '45: (front row) Fr. Roland Guilmain, A.A.; Bill Arsenault,
Dr. Eugene Beauchamp, and Julien Gaudreau (back row) Noel Colette,
Dr. Francis Dufault, Charles Matys, and Dr. Jean Picard

Class of '50: (front row) Jean Marie Paradis, Dr. Maurice Mongeon,
Fr. Robert Fortin, A.A.; Fr. Eugene LaPlante, A.A.; and Dick Brodeur (back row)
Dr. Andre Paradis, Norm LeComte, Paul Provencher, and David Picard.

Class of '55: (1st row) Dick Dion, Normand Paulhus, Armand Harnois, and
Ray Cote (2nd row) Dan Rainville, Dave Brodeur, and Fr. Claude Grenache, A.A. (3rd row) Jerry Levesque, Fr. Paul Vaudreuil , A.A.; Pete Pelletier and Raoul Gagne (4th row) Dick Beaulieu, Remi Branconnier, Richard Jodoin, Bob Chicoine and Gerry "Stretch" Morin

Class of '60: (1st row) Fr. Donald Espinosa, A.A.; Norm LeBlanc, David Brodeur, and Richard Bachand (2nd row) Leo Roberge, Joe Simoneau, and
Jean Francis Menard (3rd row) Luke Foley, Ed St. Pierre, Mark LePain and
Paul Roberge (4th row) Don D'Amour and Phil Roy

Class of '65: (1st row) David Abusamra, Paul "Oscar" Meyer, James LaBonte,
Leo Laverdure and Ric Serrano (2nd row) Thierry Delbert, Phil Martowski,
Paul Murphy and Lawrence Mullaly (3rd row) Paul Diegnan, Walter Suchon,
Dan Kelleher and Dan O'Connor

Classes of '69, '70 and '71: (1st row) Randy Francoise '70, Dan Centi '70,
Kevin Manning '69 and J. Shamus Fleming '71 (2nd row) Mark Cragan '69,
Steve Rosseel '71, Jim Davis '70 and David Walsh '70

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