An Introduction



Welcome to E PLURIBUS UNUM, a resource archive for the study of American history, literature and culture.

Our archive will focus on three significant moments in our national life: the 1770's, the 1850's, an the 1930's. Our growing collection already includes a wide range of primary materials, commentaries, and pedagogical resources arranged by theme. Some of these materials are available at other sites and indexed here; many others are being introduced to the web as part of this project.

This three-year enterprise, scheduled for completion by Summer, 2003, is directed by Professor John McClymer of Assumption College and funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The essay that follows, "A Nation of Law In a Time of Change," introduces the first phase of the project, which focuses on America in the 1850's. It also helps explain the theme of the site, America's struggle throughout its history to create a nation dedicated to the ideal: "From Many, One."

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