Autobiographies, Biographies, and Memoirs that Describe America in the 1850's

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Available at E Pluribus Unum:

Selections from the Autobiography of Charles Harding (1807-1869), a Circuit-Riding Methodist Minister

Ichabod Washburn, Industrialist

The 1852-1854 Journal of Francis Bennett, Jr., Teenage Shopclerk (coming soon)

Fiction and memoirs describing the lives of African-American women in this period that can be found at The Digital Schomburg African American Women Writers of the 19th Century from The New York Public Library:


Brown, Hallie Homespun Heroines, 1926

Delany, Lucy A. From the darkness cometh the light, or Struggles for Freedom,

Foote, Julia A. A Brand Plucked From the Fire, 1879

Keckley, Elizabeth. Behind the Scenes, or, Thirty Years a Slave, and Four Years in the White House, 1868

Mattison, Hirambr Louisa Picquet, the Octoroon

Mossell, N.F. The Work of Afro-American Women, (machine-readable version of second edition published in 1908)

Albert, Octavia V. Rogers, The House of Bondage, or, Charlotte Brooks and Other Slaves, 1890

Rollin, Frank [Frances] A.Life and Public Services of Martin R. Delany 1883

Smith, Amandabar An Autobiograpy: The Story of the Lord's Dealings with Mrs. Amanda Smith, the Colored Evangelist, 1893

Truth, Sojourner Narrative of Sojourner Truth, 1878

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