The whole force enrolled for the defense of Lawrence numbered not far from seven hundred. They consisted of eleven companies. The rosters with officers commanding, are the property of I. R. Blackman, a resident of Lawrence. Copies are in the possession of the Kansas State Historical Society. Capt. Lyman Allen commanded the company known as the Lawrence Stubbs; Samuel Walker commanded the Bloomington Company; J. B. Abbott, the Wakarusa Company; Samuel T. Shore, the boys from Ottawa Creek; McWhinney, the Palmyra Company. John Brown as appointed Captain of the boys who came up from his neighborhood. They did not arrive, nor was the roll completed until as late as December 7. They, however, got credit for service for sixteen full days, and the credit was all the pay they ever received. The muster roll reads as follows:

Muster roll of Capt. John Brown's company in the Fifth Regiment of the First Brigade of Kansas Volunteers, commanded by Col. George W. Smith, called into the service of the people of Kansas to defend the city of Lawrence, in the Territory of Kansas from threatened demolition by foreign invaders, enrolled at Osawatomie, K. T., called into service from the 27th day of November, A. D. 1855, when mustered, to the 12th day of December when discharged. Service sixteen days.


Names and Rank


John Brown, Sen., Captain 55
Wm. W. Updegraff, 1st Lieutenant 34
Henry H. Williams, 2nd Lieutenant 27
James J. Holbrook, 3d Lieutenant 23
Ephraim Reynolds, 1st Sergeant 25
R. N. Wood, 2nd Sergeant 20
Frederick Brown, 3d Sergeant 25
John Yetton, 4th Sergeant 26
Henry Alderman, 1st Corporal 55
H. Harrison Updegraff, 2d Corporal 23
Daniel W. Collis, 3d Corporal 27
William Partridge,* 4th Corporal 32
Amos D. Alderman 20
Owen Brown 31
Salmon Brown 19
John Brown, Jr. 34
Francis Brennen 29
William W. Caine 19
Benjamin L. Cochran 34
Jeremiah Harrison 22
Muster roll of Capt. John Brown's company, Kansas Volunteers:
I certify on honor, that this Muster Roll exhibits the true state of Capt. John Brown's Company of the Fifth Regiment of Kansas Volunteers for the period herein mentioned; that each man answers to his own proper name in person; that the remarks set opposite each man's name, officer and soldier, are accurate and just. GEORGE W. SMITH, Colonel commanding the Fifth Regiment Kansas Volunteers. DECEMBER 12, A. D. 1855, Lawrence, K. T.
* One keg of powder, twenty-three pounds, at sixty cents; also eight pounds of lead at fifteen cents, was furnished by William Partridge to the Quartermaster, and was used in the service.