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E Pluribus Unum


The following projects were planned, researched, and constructed by students at Assumption College as part of the E Pluribus Unum Project. Each exhibit focuses on a specific issue related to life in 1850's America, and is intended to provide resources related to that issue for the use of other students, teachers, and researchers.

We would like to thank the staff of the Assumption College Library, the American Antiquarian Society, and the Worcester Historical Museum for their assistance in constructing these research projects. In addition to working in libraries and other local institutions, students did extensive research on the web in order to produce these exhibits.


The Lyceum Movement

Author: Maura Ford



Temperance in the 1850's

Author: Theresa Battaglio



The Laying of the Atlantic Cable

Author: Jared Procopio



Daily Life in the 1850's

Authors: Theresa Battaglio, Maura Ford, and Jared Procopio



Public and Private Education for Women;
Worcester Academy

Authors: Jocelyn Smith, Lindsey Smith, Jared Procopio, and Theresa Battaglio


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