National Symbols and Slogans

Seals and Symbols of the US


The Great Seal of the United States
This site has a great deal of information to explore on the history, images, and significance of the seal.




Great Seal Mottoes: Out of Many, One
(A part of the site. Be sure to look at Franklin's design for the other side of this coin.)





An Image for John Adams' Innaugural: image, bibliographical information.


"The Great Seal of the United States," The Galaxy Magazine, 1877 (Making of America site)




A Graphic Image of an 18th Century American's Advice Published in the 19th Century

Are Americans only interested in money?
What do Franklin's words and images suggest on this point?

How do Images of the U.S. Compare with Other National Images?

A Commentary on Cruickshank's "The British Beehive"


Both the Illustrated London News and the Boston-based Gleason's Pictorial were popular in their respective countries in the 1850's. Can you develop any hypotheses about what Americans believed they had in common with the English, and how they were attempting to distinguish their national identity from that of the "mother country"?

Images of America in 19th Century Books and Periodicals

Frederick Douglass's Use of American Iconography

Images of America on
Coins and Currency


The 1915 Liberty Nickel

Coin and Currency Collections in the Department of Special Collections,
University of Notre Dame Libraries

Beyond Face Value: Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency,
a project of the U.S. Civil War Center at Louisiana State University.

The American Currency Exhibit
hosted by The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.


Using National Symbols and Slogans in Debates



Some Native American Great Seals


The Great Seal of the Chickasaw Nation


Information about White Mountain Apache Tribe


Great Seal of the Navajo Nation


The Great Seal of the Chocktaw Nation






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