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A Nation of Law In a Time of Change: An Introduction to this Site



A Frame for Understanding the 1850s



A National Morality Play: The Murder Trial of Daniel Edgar Sickles



The Search for An American Voice: Rhetoric and Reform in the 1850's





The Story of What Happened When Yankee Doodle Went to London--
American Superiority at the World's Fair


A Boy's Book on How to Climb the Ladder of Success--
The Bobbin Boy, or How Nat Got an Education



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"A slaveholder's profession of Christianity is a palpable imposture. He is a felon of the highest grade. He is a man-stealer. It is of no importance what you put in the other scale."

Reader! are you with the man-stealers in sympathy and purpose, or on the side of their down-trodden victims? If with the former, then are you the foe of God and man. If with the latter, what are you prepared to do and dare in their behalf? --Wm. Lloyd Garrison writing in his Introduction to Frederick Douglass's Narrative

The Battle Against Slavery



The Famine Irish


"Bleeding Kansas"

"Song of the Kansas Emigrant"
John Greenleaf Whittier

We cross the prairie as of old The fathers crossed the sea,
To make the West,
as they the East,
The homestead of the free.
We go to rear a wall of men On Freedom's southern line,
And plant beside the Cotton tree
The rugged northern pine.
We're flowing from our native hills
As our free rivers flow,
The blessing of our mother land
Is on us as we go.
We go to plant the common school
On distant prairie swells,
And give the Sabbaths of the wilds
The music of her bells. Upbearing, like the ark of God.
The Bible in our van.
We go to test the truth of God
Against the fraud of man."



The Moral (and Other) Dangers of City Life


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