"Wars for Civilization" of the 1920s

A Frame for Understanding the 1920s
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Eugenics in the Culture Wars of the 1920s:
Some Approaches to Studying a Neglected Topic



Passing from Light into Dark




The KKK in the 1920s


The Seven Lively Arts Revisited: The Demotic Impulse


On-line Resources for the Study of Demotic Art


What Sadie Knew: The Immigrant "Working Girl" and the Rise of Demotic Culture


"Memories of Olive": The Life and Death of "Ollie Thomas"


Revues and OtherVanities:
The Commodification of Fantasy






Betty Boop and Jazz



Charlie Chan: The "Good Oriental"


George Kuwa, The Silent Era Chan




A Syllabi and Assignments
for a College History Course Using These Resources


HIS. 393: Seminar on the Culture Wars of the 1920s, Fall 2001, Professor McClymer



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