CATARACT 31 October 1850 Vol. 8 No. 33

Ad for Mr. D C Gates TEMPERANCE EATING ROOMS at 167 Main opposite Flagg's New Block:

Mr. D. C. Gates, --a true teetotaler, both in principle and in practice, --has renovated with fresh paint, and various other improvements, and now re-opened his TEMPERANCE EATING ROOMS on Main Street, where either ladies or gentlemen can be promptly and politely furnished with all kinds of eatables and drinkables, except those of an alcoholic nature, as will appear by his advertisement in our business columns.

In the next issue ad offers: "oysters for family use. By pint, quart or gallon, steak, confectionery, oranges, lemons, figs raisins, nuts and a great variety of other Fruit, both Foreign and American." Uses hand symbol to point to "Ladies can visit these Rooms with perfect propriety, as such is the custom [i.e., the type of customers] of the place." Upside down hand symbol date placed Oct 31


CATARACT 3 March 1850

P168: Temperance Eating House and Oyster Saloon

We invite the attention of the Ladies and Gentlemen of Worc and vicinity, to the TEH of C & J Forbush, directly under the PO, where meals are furnished at all hours, from 6am to 10 pm -- Hot Coffee, Tea, Pies, Cake, Confectionery and Fruit. Oysters, Stewed, Fried and Roasted. Come and see us. N.B. Families furnished with the best of oysters.


Daniel C. Thurston, Central Exchange Eating House, No. 162, Directly under the Worcester Bank.

Meals at all hours of the day and evening. Boarding by the day or week OYSTERS by the quart and pint, and served up to order. Pies, Cake, Hot Tea, and Coffee constantly on hand, but-- NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES -- Ladies can call with perfect propriety, as such is the custom of the place.