The Young Lady's Book: A Manual of Elegant Recreations, Exercises, and Pursuits. Boston: 1830. G365.Y68.Y(830)


illustrations: P 418, 419,421

P. 421 Ladies usually shoot at a distance of about fifty yards: two targets are placed opposite each other, and the archers shoot back to the one they came from, to which they again return when their arrows are expended; and so on, shooting from one to the other in rotation; so that, not merely the arm, but the whole frame, enjoys the benefit of salutary exercise in the open air, while the mind is interested, and the spirits elevated by the sport. The attitude of an accomplished female archer, - of one who has studied and practiced the art in a proper manner (for archery is not be acquired without a little application,) - at the moment of bending the bow, is particularly graceful; all the actions and positions tend at once to produce a proper degree of strength in the limbs, and to impart a general elegance to the deportment. For these and other reasons that might be adduced in its favour, as a healthful and agreeable pastime, Shooting at the Target is equaled by few, and scarcely excelled by any recreation in which propriety permits young ladies to indulge.