The Liberator, Nov. 22, 1850 (P.4)


Woman may err--woman may give her mind

To evil thoughts, and lose her pure estate;

But for one woman who affronts her kind

By wicked passions and remorseless hate,

A thousand make amends in age and youth,

By heavenly pity, by sweet sympathy,

By patient kindness, by endearing truth,

By love supremest in adversity.

Theirs is the task to succor the distressed,

To feed the hungry, to console the sad,

To pour the balm upon the wounded breast,

And find dear Pity ever for the bad.

Blessings on woman! In the darkest day

Their love shines brightest; in the perilous hour

Their weak hands glow with strength our feuds to stay.

Blessings upon them! and if man would shower

His condemnation on the few that err,

Let him be calm, and cease his soul to vex:

Think of his mother, and for sake of her

Forgive them all, and bless their gentler sex.