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Either individually or in groups, students may explore the questions surrounding the history of abortion and birthcontrol and how these issues are seen in relation to each other or separately. This WebQuest invites the researcher to focus on the role of Dr. Charles Knowlton early in the nineteenth century and reaches forward to that of Margaret Sanger in the early twentieth century. Various tasks will give students different perspectives concerning the controversies surrounding the tender issues of birth control and abortion. Students have the opportunity to take part in the debate and evaluate the development of the issues to determine the role that the each issue played in the development of women's rights. At the same time, students will observe the effect that historical events had on the development of the issues of birth control and abortion by reading accounts from different perspectives throughout history.





How did the Transportation Revolution Affect the Woman's Rights Movement in 1850? This WebQuest is designed to aquaint students with the means of travel and accomodations used to accomodate those who attended the Women's Rights Convention in Worcester in 1850. Students will use maps and documents from the period to observe the facilities available to convention bound travelers. After a number of tasks are completed, students should have a better understanding of the significance of the transportation revolution that allowed the issue of women's rights to develop.




High school students have the opportunity to gain an udnerstanding of popular opinion concerning women and their relation and importance or lack thereof in society. Excerpts from various sources relate events in mid-nineteenth century to stirrings in the women's movement. Visual images provide insight into popular opinion concerning reform, politics, integration, industrialization and society in general. Some cartoons portray new ideas, hinting at less dependent women, but most convey satirical images of women's fashion and society. These newspaper selections allow both independent and group work with much room for discussion. Be sure to take advantadge of the connections made to significant ideas or events of the mid-1800's.